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I have dreamed for millennia of this moment! An entire universe in my image!
~ Maltruant

Maltruant is the overarching antagonist of the Ben 10 franchise.

He is the final antagonist of Ben 10: Omniverse, serving as the main antagonist of the final two arcs. He is a diabolical Chronosapien who plots to create his an universe in his own image, at the cost of destroying the previous Prime Universe of his enemy Ben Tennyson.

He was voiced by Mark Hamill, who also played The Joker in the DC Animated Universe and the Arkham games, Malefor in The Legend of Spyro, Colonel Muska Castle in the Sky, Ozai in Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Trickster in The Flash and Kavaxas in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012).


Maltruant, bent on ruling over the universe, initiated the original Time War to achieve his goal. However, he was eventually defeated, with his parts being separated and scattered throughout time by Professor Paradox so he could not return. Despite this, Maltruant ultimately managed to be rebuilt by his followers.

Eventually, Maltruant sent his subordinates to reclaim his head key and repower him. Despite the best efforts of Ben Tennyson and his allies, they successfully obtain it and Maltruant is fully restored, restarting the Time War.

Maltruant battles Ben and his counterparts multiple times during the war, and conspires with plenty of Ben's previous enemies. This ultimately comes to a head in "End Of An Era", when he travels to Ben 10,000's future time period, where he obtains both a universe-creating Anihilaarg and the Dwarf Star to create his own customized Anihilaarg, plotting to use it to create his own universe to rule over with an iron fist, before traveling back in time to enact his plan, with Ben and his ally Rook Blonko.

During the chase, Maltruant's ship is damaged, and crashes in 1773, where he barters repairs from a young Vilgax, granting him a Chronosapien Time Bomb in return. He then travels back to the start of the universe and sneaks aboard the Contemellia's ship before switching their Anihilaarg with his own. However, Ben follows him and, with the power of all of his transformations, absorbs its explosion and blasts it into Maltruant, crushing him to death, while Paradox scatters his pieces back across time, revealing that he is now stuck in a eternal cycle, doomed to repeat his failure over and over again.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He ignited the original Time War with the intent of taking over the universe, causing plenty of destruction and suffering.
  • He betrayed most of his allies during the restarted Time War, including his own protégé Mad Ben.
  • He attempted to turn Dr. Psychobos into a baby.
  • He attacked Ben Tennyson and his future son, the former being a teenager and the latter a preteen.
  • He gave a young Vilgax the very Chronosapien Time Bomb which temporarily destroyed almost every reality.
  • He almost succeeded in activating his custom Anihilaarg and replacing the Prime Universe with his own personal universe, therefore nearly deleting an innumerable amount of beings.
  • Despite his over-the-top and hammy personality, all of his crimes are taken very seriously.


  • He is one of the few Pure Evils to qualify based on only one incredibly heinous Moral Event Horizon.

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