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You're fighting against the inevitable, Hulk. I'm simply the final product of natural selection. The strong survive. I'm the strongest. I survived.
~ Maestro to the Hulk

The Maestro is an alternate future version of the Hulk. After a nuclear war, 100 years into the future, Hulk went insane and became the villain known as Maestro, who ruled over a population named Dystopia as a tyrannical dictator.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Although he started with some redeeming qualities, he ditches them all over time.
  • After waking up from his stasis, he attacks many A.I.M. soldiers, and later M.O.D.O.K.
  • After his first fight with Hercules, he sought to take revenge on him.
  • He confessed to Rick Jones that he wouldn't mind if Hercules wiped out everyone in Dystopia.
  • After months of being in Alchemax (at least what remained of it), Bruce built several mechanical dogs of war, and used them to invade Dystopia.
  • When Hercules fought and defeated him, Bruce faked remorse to have time to plot against Hercules.
  • He had the villain Vapor kill Hercules by transforming into arsine gas.
  • After killing Hercules, he betrayed Vapor by freezing her, shattering her into pieces and having those pieces buried separately so she would never regenerate.
  • While holding a funeral for Hercules, Bruce established himself as the new ruler of Dystopia, and used his dogs of war to terrorize the people.
  • He fought and killed (albeit indirectly) a newly revived Hercules.
  • He rushed into Rick Jones' base with the intentions of killing him, only to discover he was not present there.
  • He ruled for several years over Dystopia as a tyrannical dictator, under the new name Maestro.
  • Joined forces with Doctor Doom to take down A.I.M and The Pantheon, the two organizations that posed a threat to his rule.
  • After taking down both A.I.M and The Pantheon, Bruce, not wanting to share his power with anybody else, betrayed, fought and nearly killed Doctor Doom, which caused him to teleport away in defeat.
  • He captured Pizfiz, one of Dystopia's rebels, and used on him a machine that could reveal Rick Jones' plan. When he was of no use anymore, the Maestro killed him.
  • He broke into Rick Jones' base while looking for the Hulk. Many of his soldiers died in the process, but the Maestro didn't care.
  • He threatened the life of an innocent bystander while fighting the Hulk.
  • Beating up Hulk in their fight by snapping his neck. He later had one of his slaves sexually violate him.
  • He encouraged Hulk into killing himself, knowing that their lives weren't connected. Fortunately, this failed.
  • It's left implied that Maestro abducts young girls to be his sex slaves.
  • He tried to convince the Hulk to rule by his side. When this failed, the Maestro attacked him again.
  • When he learned of his minister's betrayal, the Maestro killed him.
  • He killed Rick Jones in a fit of rage. After this, he engaged the Hulk in a fight yet again, which forced Hulk to teleport the Maestro to the past, specifically to ground zero of the Gamma Bomb that gave him his powers, seemingly killing the Maestro.
  • All of his actions made even the Hulk (his past self) disgusted of him.


  • The Maestro, along with the Hulk from the Old Man Logan storyline, is one of the only versions of the Hulk to be Pure Evil.

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