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Madame Odius is the secondary antagonist of Power Rangers Ninja Steel and the main antagonist of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.  

She acts like Galvanax's general and advisor, but secretly plotted against him to claim the Ninja Power Stars for herself. In Super Ninja Steel, she is now the leader of Galaxy Warriors after surviving the Warrior Dome Ship's destruction and continues her scheme to obtain the Ninja Power Stars, now with Badonna and Cosmo Royale at her side.

She was voiced by Jacque Drew.

What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • She spent a thousand of year searching for the Nexus prism to use it in order to rule the universe, according to what she said in the final.
  • She pretended to be loyal to Galvanax.
  • She kidnapped people and turns them into slaves or bought slaves to corrupt governments alongside the other Galaxy Warriors (it's implied that Brody, Mick and the sentient robot Redbot weren't the only one).
  • Some of the contestants of her emission were wanted criminals. In other words she hired outlaws.
  • Tried to steal the Ninja Nexus Prism with Galvanax to increase Galvanax's power, which forced Dane Romero, Brody's father to apparently sacrifice his life to stop them.
    • While Dane survived he was heavely injured, presumed dead for a decade and his sons haved to grow up without him.
    • Upon Dane's defeat, she and Galvanax captured his youngest son who remained their prisonner and slave for a decade until he escaped. Dane's eldest son, Aiden had to go into hidding for a decade and to change his name to escape them, until Odius kidnapped him too a decade later.
  • She kidnapped Levi Weston and pulled his memories into a robot to pretend to be Brody's brother so she could get the power stars.
    • She mocked him by gloating that he would never be free again, would't be the gold ranger and that know than her robot has his memories he would remember nothing.
    • The discovery that "Aiden" was a robot impostor broke Brody has he lost another way to find his brother. He only recupered when the real Aiden retrieved his memories upon the fake's destruction. (Who blew up at his face).
    • The process to strip Levi/Aiden from his memories was painfull to the point that he nearly loosed his mind. All in all, she tortured him while laughing and taunting him. The process in order to allow Levi to reclaim his memories was also painfull : he had headaches for hours.
  • Galvanax and his generals haved monsters facing each others in fights to the death in their emission in order to get the power stars and rule the world. This included Odius.
  • She framed Ripcon as a traitor when he gets too suspicious of her.
  • She betrayed Galvanax, indirectly caused his death (plus the Prism's temporary death) and took over her late master's crew.
  • Tricked Sledge into repairing her ship while stealing the ninja super steel from him alongside Badonna so she could used it and the prism to have evil ninja steel she could use to rule the world.
  • She had two of the Galactic Ninjas killed so she could take their medallions to empower her zord.
  • She blackmailed and almost killed Venoma several time if she refused to help her.
  • She made and her zord Foxatron from four Foxbots : four robots whom she erased the minds in the process, since her zord isn't sentient. This means she technically killed four of her own grunts.
  • She killed Wolvermean for failling to beat the rangers until her zord was repaired. This shocked the rangers themselves.
  • Helped Lord Draven in his attempt to take over the multiverse solely because he swore to share power with her.
  • She tried to blow up the junkyard were the rangers trained while they were inside of it.
  • She manipulated Space Sheriff Skyfire into facing the rangers. Once he discovered the truth and turned on her. She tasked an outlaw Skyfire was chasing to kill him.
  • Verbally abused Badonna and Brax when they failed her, she did the same for her monsters.
  • Didn't care when Tynamon, her general was destroyed (she said that no one will miss him anyway).
    • While she does fulfill her deal with Tynamon to make him big (due to being a tiny alien piloting a human-sized robot lookalike), it was only in an attempt to kill the rangers, not any honorable reason or such.
  • Brainwashed all humans on Earth, including Calvin, the Yellow Ranger, via her TV animated emission.
    • In order to get a satellite brainwashing all humans, she brainwashed Mick the rangers' mentor. She also forced to him reveal her the location of the rangers' base where was the prism. She then stormed in the ranger's bade, stole and corrupted the sentient prism, leaved to die their tech genius Redbot (who was injured during her attack) and harmed the rangers there.
    • Had the aformentioned Dane among her brainwashed victims. He ended up trying to kill his sons (plus Preston) and to protect Odius because of this. Odius fond the situation amusing. Dane was shocked at the idea that he almos killed his son while they have only been reunited since a year (not to mentioned that he almost killed one of their friends).
    • Calvin almost Killed his ex girlfriend Hailey because of the brainwashing. He was horrified when he retrieved his senses.
  • Tried to destroy the Rangers multiple times.
  • She refused several times the rangers offers to surrender.
  • While she had a funny moment in "Game Plan" it was her only silly moment and it didn't detract from her heinousness.


  • She is the second female Power Rangers villain to be Pure Evil, preceded by Queen Bansheera and followed by Rita Repulsa.
  • She is Pure Evil while her Sentai counterpart: Kyuemon Shingetsu Kibaoni, is not, as he was the son of Galvanax's counterpart: Gengetsu Kibaoni, who despite some questionable actions against some of his allies, was ultimately a sincerely loyal servant to his father. Plus Kyuemon redmeemed himself at the end after breaking free from Gengetsu (who betrayed and absorbed him) and became an extra Ninninger as a spirit, while Odious is disloyal to Galvanax and never redeems herself. Gengetsu might be Pure Evil tough, but he hasn't been voted Pure Evil yet.


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