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Lucas "Luke" Lerner is the protagonist villain/main antagonist of the 2017 horror-comedy film Better Watch Out.

He was portrayed by Levi Miller in his first villainous role.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He killed his best friend's hamster just for fun.
  • He knocked out, tied up, and gagged his babysitter, Ashley, so that he could sexually abuse her, which he did by touching her breast.
  • He killed Ashley's boyfriend with a paint can and then laughed it off.
  • He then killed Ashley's ex-boyfriend, Jeremy, by hanging him from a tree.
  • He shot his best friend, Garrett, for trying to set Ashley free, and then finished him off shortly after.
  • He stabbed Ashley in the neck with a knife attempting to kill her.
  • He staged all of his murders to make it look like it was all done by Jeremy.
  • In the ending he asked his parents to visit Ashley at the hospital. Not because he cared about her, but due fact that he wants to silence her to get away with his crimes.

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