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Take me! I'm ready to be a Titan and rule every dimension!
~ The Lord Commander as the breach to Final Space opens.
Can't you see? There is no one beside you. Avocato, his son, your crew. Everyone you've cared about is gone! All because of that! And now, your life ends. But nothing quick. I want you to experience the same pain you put me through. A slow, painful death.
~ The Lord Commander confronting Gary Goodspeed.

The Lord Commander is the secondary antagonist of the 2018 animated series Final Space, serving as the main antagonist of Season 1, a minor yet pivotal antagonist in Season 2 and the central antagonist of Season 3.

He is a tyrannical and superpowered alien who is motivated by his desire to become a Titan and rule the multiverse, killing and/or torturing anyone and everyone who dares stand in his way or otherwise. He's the archenemy of Gary Goodspeed and Avocato.

In the pilot episode, he was voiced by the series' creator Olan Rogers. In the official series, he is voiced by David Tennant, who also portrayed Kilgrave in Jessica Jones, Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Cale Erendreich in Bad Samaritan and Brendan Block in Secret Smile.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He killed an entire team of Tryvuulians just so the Ventrexian Team, especially Avocato, would bow down to him.
  • Ordered Avocato to help in destroying Vetrexia, and killing the king and queen.
  • He originally tried to kill the Prince of Vetrexia, who would later on become Avocato's adopted son Little Cato, when he was only an infant.
  • He ordered Avocato to destroy the planet on the Kanopus Prime sistem that the Order of the Twelve gave him visions on how to get to Final Space for unknown reasons, killing 4 billion people as a result.
  • He orders his lieutenants to murder their own children to prove their loyalty to him. When Avocato refuses, the Lord Commander keeps his adopted son, Little Cato, as a prisoner and uses him to extort Avocato, threatening to kill his son if he ever disobeys.
  • Sometime before the show's events, he killed an entire crew who had found Mooncake, even being hevily implied that he killed the crew's captain directly.
  • Corrupting the majority of the Infinity Guard, save for a few members such as Quinn Ergon or Tribore Menendez.
  • He uses his powers to painfully contort a man’s body before breaking his neck whilst claiming that it would be rude to kill him. He then allows one of his minions to eat the corpse, watching with a grin.
  • He lures Avocato into a trap and tortures Gary, ending with him ripping Gary's arm off using his telekinetic powers.
  • He manipulated most of the Infinity Guard towards his cause and had them construct a laser machine in the hopes of widening the breach to Final Space.
  • With his patience thinning, the Lord Commander destroys the eight eyes of Helper Hula - one of the Helpers of the Order of the Twelve - for not having found Mooncake and threatens to "finish the job" if they don't.
  • When his servant Eric brings him medicine and a biscuit, the Lord Commander angrily strangles him to death because he didn't bring the type of biscuit he likes.
  • He brainwashed Little Cato and tried to force him to fight and kill Avocato against his will.
  • To make a suprise to Gary and Avocato, the Lord Commander kills every prisioner in his prision, they were hundreds in total and he even put their bones as decoration.
  • After suffering a defeat by the Team Squad, he plants a sticky bomb on Little Cato’s back out of spite, causing Avocato to sacrifice himself after finding the bomb. He later taunts Little Cato over his dad's death, seeing him burn bright with anger over his loss.
    • In Season 2, when the present Gary confronts and attempts to kill the Lord Commander just after this event occurs thanks to time travel, the latter remains unapologetic over causing Avocato's death, even expressing glee over the fact.
  • Nightfall later reveals that in multiple alternative universes, the Lord Commander kills Gary, which causes Mooncake to go on a rampage which accidentally frees the Titans from Final Space. This shows that the Lord Commander is a despicable person in countless timelines.
  • He traps Mooncake in a laser machine that painfully forces him to open the breach to Final Space, eventually draining Mooncake of his powers.
  • When Gary attempts to dissuade him from opening the breach by appealing to his former self as Jack, who was Gary's father, John's best friend, the Lord Commander refuses Gary's insistence and rejects "Jack" as his identity, claiming he died when "the Lord Commander" was chosen. He snaps when Gary says gaining his powers was a mistake and sends him flying into space, leaving him for dead.
  • He was willing to kill everyone in the universe to become a god, nearly doing so when he opened the door to Final Space and caused the Earth to be taken into Final Space by a Titan for Invictus where it was destroyed. By the time of Season 3, Kevin Van Newton was the last survivor on Earth meaning he caused the deaths of millions and the near complete extinction of the human race.
  • He allied with Invictus to get Mooncake so he can become a Titan, fully going with the plan of consuming life across all dimensions. However, it's later revealed that he was using the abomination for his own gain, betraying it so he can become a Titan and support his own goal - Ruling every dimension.
  • Killed three Arachnitects that were in Final Space to announce his return to Avocato, Little Cato, Fox, Ash Graven and Sheryl Goodspeed (although only the first two know him).
  • Choked Little Cato so he would reveal information on where Mooncake was.
  • Imprisoned Avocato, Little Cato, Fox, Ash and Sheryl so they will tell him where Mooncake is.
  • Choked Little Cato again so Avocato would tell him where Mooncake was.
  • Forced Avocato to reveal his backstory and how they met.
  • It is heavily implied he was the one who abducted many innocent people and chained up to asteroid pieces under Invictus' orders.
  • He imprisoned Avocato, Little Cato, Sheryl Goodspeed and Fox so Invictus could grow more powerful from them, although Fox was the only one who couldn't escape in time.
  • Broke Ash's fingers so she could barely use her powers.
  • Revealed to Ash that she was chosen by Invictus and tried to make her join him and Invictus.
  • Attacked the Team Squad's ship in an attempt to kill them.
  • After originally trying to capture Mooncake once again, the Lord Commander quickly switches goals once he sees a Titan hatching in the core of the Earth, trying to merge with the Titan. Once he's confronted by Invictus, who's still possessing a zombie Gary, he quickly crushes the zombie with crystals, betraying his master. His wording also implies he will try to kill Invictus, which would be later confirmed.
  • Once he finally becomes a Titan by merging with the hatching one, he destroys Earth and the entire KVN Net, which prevented the Team Squad from killing Titans, which also made Kevin Van Newton's sacrifice pointless. The Hyper-Transdimensional Bridge was also thrown away in the distance during this.
  • He slaughters multiple Titans that stood in his way, which includes decapitating Bolo. He states shortly after that Invictus is his next target.
  • Although Invictus was the underlying factor in his corruption, in the long run, the Lord Commander himself is responsible for choosing to become evil, abandoning his previous life when he was "chosen" by the Titans.

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