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Hear me Smurfs, and hear me well! I am Balthazar, master wizard! Surrender six of your own to me or you will all pay dearly!
~ Balthazar after shooting Papa Smurf and killing Ducky.

Lord Balthazar (also simply known as Balthazar) is a supporting antagonist who has appeared in the 1981 Smurfs cartoon show since The Smurfs' Springtime Special in Season 1 up until around Season 8. He is Gargamel's cruel godfather.

He was voiced by the late Keene Curtis.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Killed a baby duck in his first appearance with a musket, which causes everyone shock and is treated seriously, even though the duck is revived with magic, the death is not glossed over as the Smurfs mourn over the event.
  • Threatened to kill Papa Smurf with his "magic wand of the future" and fired it at the Smurfs.
  • Balthazar abducted the Smurfs' pet named Puppy in hopes of opening his locket and finding out the secrets of ultimate magic. He goes to great lengths to do so to the point where he even tried to decapitate him with a guillotine, an act which even Gargamel found to be too exhaustive.
  • Balthazar comes across Baby Smurf, who had managed to end up at his castle by accident, Balthazar decided to experiment upon the baby but is stopped by one of the Smurf's animal friends, an elephant named Pyramis.
  • He became obsessed with gaining the ability to see into the future, abused Gargamel into aiding him, together they sought Father Time and demanded he tell them the secrets of the future, Balthazar went as far to steal Father Time's sickle and threatening to undo time itself, which would destroy the entire world and the fabric of reality itself.
  • Calls his sister obnoxious, rich, and powerful, implying he had a rough childhood, this doesn't justify his actions, as his actions easily overshadows it.
  • While he saved his niece from his pet Dragon, it was for pragmatic reasons, as he didn't want her to be harmed because that'd anger his sister who is more wealthy and powerful than him.
  • Abuses Gargamel constantly.
  • Nearly wiped out the Smurf Race.


  • Lord Balthazar is the only villain of The Smurfs franchise to be Pure Evil thus far.
  • Lord Balthazar is the first Hanna-Barbera villain to be Pure Evil.

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