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Lionel Starkweather is the main antagonist of the 2003 video game Manhunt.

He was voiced by Brian Cox.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He started off as a promising film director, but his career eventually died, so he began making snuff films and targeting innocents after getting revenge on those that killed his career.
  • While Cash has most likely killed in the past, Lionel is far worse because he takes pleasure in watching people die.
  • Numerous dialogues in the game even imply he's masturbating to Cash's killing spree in some occasions, showing the absolute (and sickly) joy he have in watching the executions.
  • Running a snuff film ring where innocent people are killed by his gangs in Carcer City. Alternatively, they are killed by Ramirez or Piggsy.
  • While he keeps order in Carcer City (in his own twisted way) by giving the gangs their own territory to stop them from fighting each other by giving them something enjoyable for them to do, this is because it makes making his snuff movies easier.
  • Directed Cash through Carcer City, making him kill gang members along the way.
  • While he helped Cash battle the gangs, he only did so to make his film more entertaining.
  • Had at least one member of Cash's family murdered shortly after Cash rescued them from the Wardogs. He justifies this by reminding Cash that none of them showed up to his execution but it doesn't truly excuse his actions.
  • Drove Piggsy to murderous insanity by keeping him locked up for a long time, and making him repeatedly star in his movies. He then shows no remorse when Piggsy escapes and kills many of his men.
    • Additionally, he fed Piggsy with the flesh of the snuff films' victims as a means of getting rid of the corpses.
  • Betrayed Cash and tried to have him killed after having him chase the White Rabbit.
  • Though he can be considered a parody of the player character and his comments can be kind of funny, his actions overall are not played for laughs.
  • He makes it clear that he hates the Smileys because they're mentally ill and as such encourages Cash to kill them violently.
  • While he despises the Skinz, this is pure hypocrisy due to his hatred of the mentally ill.


  • Lionel Starkweather is one of three Pure Evils in the Manhunt franchise, along with Dr. Pickman and Leo Kasper. Out of these three, however, Lionel is the only one to originate from the original Manhunt.

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