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If you're not documenting yourself, it's simple: you just don't exist.
~ Kurt Kunkle

Kurt Kunkle also known as The Rideshare Killer, is the protagonist villain in Spree.

He is a late teen/young adult who goes on a murderous spree to gain more attention to his failing media accounts during a particular livestream and snaps in the process resorting to continue the spree when his viewers slowly but surely increase.

He was portrayed by Joe Keery in his first villainous role.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Driven by desperation due to fame and attention, he made a plan to murder people.
  • Killed his mother Angela.
  • Killing Frederick and Andrea with poisoned water, although the former deserved it for being a white supremacist.
  • Backing his car into Mario before running him over.
  • Feeding Richard and Kendra to a pack of junkyard dogs, before killing London with a power drill to the skull.
  • Stabbing Bobby—a friend whom he used to babysit—to death with a knife.
  • Feeding the aforementioned poisoned water to a DJ girl named uNo, knocking her out, and then causing her to accidentally shoot a cop in the head when she wakes up. She runs away and escapes, but regardless of what happened to her afterward, her life is pretty much over thanks to Kurt.
  • Driving through a hobo camp during a car chase with the cops, stating that nobody would care if everyone who lived there died.
  • Killing Davit, his unwitting getaway driver in a GoGo.
  • Launching a "fuck, marry, kill" poll while abducting Jessie. She fortunately escapes while "kill" gets the most votes, but Kurt adding the former two options indicates that he's not above rape.
  • Shooting his father Kris to death.
  • In a way, Kurt’s plan succeeded as he is still honored and talked about and idolized by people on 4Chan.
  • While he looks like an insecure villain, the fact that Jessie's speech about popularity didn't change him makes Kurt just a selfish psychopath.

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