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Zenoheld was the main antagonist of Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia, although he didn't become personally involved until the second arc. He was the former King of Vestal and the father of Prince Hydron. He used a Mechanical Bakugan called Pyrus Farbros, made by Professor Clay. He was the most evil among the Vexos as he wished to kill his opnntents.

What Makes Him Pure Evil:

  • Enslaving the Bakugan on New Vestroia.
  • Trying to kill all of the Bakugan using the Bakugan Termination (BT) System.
  • Trying to destroy both Earth and Vestal.
  • He had his own son tortured for failing him.
  • Disowned Hydron as his son just because they couldn’t find common ground.
  • Tried to Murder Gus
  • Showed no remorse for murdering Elico and Hexados
  • Mocked Spectra over Gus’s apparent death.
  • He has no care for any of the Vexos and merely sees them as pawns. This is also shown when he forced Hydron to kill Lync and Volt for betraying him.
  • He is extremely heinous for the series, having attempted to kill billions of Vestals, Humans, and Bakugan.
  • He attempted to kill the Six Legendary Soldiers and absorb their powers so he could power up the BT system and kill all of the Bakugan. While they escaped, they were forced to give up their powers to the main characters’ Bakugan, so he still caused the Soldiers’ deaths.
  • He doesn't care for his people as he lied to them about the Bakugan and attempted to kill them all with the Alternative Weapon System as revenge for ousting him.