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Don't you think it's time to say goodbye to those childhood friends of yours, son?
~ Aldrich negatively influencing his son Andrias - his most famous quote.
Nonsense! You sound like those cowardly olms. You speak of fate and warnings, but the stones are our sacred birthright. They are unique to our world and PROOF that only we are destined to conquer.
~ King Aldrich denies Leif's warnings.
Why, son… I think I'm almost proud of you.
~ Aldrich is revealed to be part of the Core/Darcy.

King Aldrich Leviathan is a pivotal antagonist of the 2019 Disney Channel animated series Amphibia.

He was the former ruler of Newtopia and the abusive father of King Andrias. After uploading his consciousness into the Core, he became partially responsible for all of its crimes, and is heavily implied to be one of the primary minds in charge.

He was voiced by William Houston.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Unlike the other minds inhabiting the Core, Aldrich appears in flashbacks and demonstrates his nastiness even before getting assimilated.
    • Among this is disregarding the warnings from Leif that continued misuse of the Calamity Box would result in Amphibia's destruction.
    • As such, he was also implicitly responsible for invading other universes and strip-mining the planets in them for resources.
      • Any beings who were captured during these invasions, such as the Shadowfish and Moss Men, were enslaved and experimented on.
  • He gaslights his son Andrias, all to make him suspect that his childhood friends could betray him. Once he became devoted to serving the Core, Aldrich continues to groom his son, making him become the ruthless would-be multiversal conqueror he would become by the present.
  • He planned for Andrias to lead an invasion on Earth and drain the planet of its resources, and even explicitly wanted him to exterminate humanity during said invasion. In fact, he's the only member of the Core known to have even attempted genocide in the first place.
    • Even his son was against the idea of wiping out a whole race, though he eventually went along with it in a misguided attempted to "help" their people.
  • Although he seems to consider Leif's vision on how the box could cause their world to be destroyed, he still refused to listen and kept using it's power to conquer other realms.
  • When Leif stole the Calamity box and took it far away from Newtopia, he would use her "betrayal" to convince his devastated son that he was right all along about friendship.
    • This leads to his hatred for the frog kind as well as him severing his friendship with her and Barrel, even destroying the painting of them together, closing his heart off from others and no longer believing he can have friends. He would also continue to emotionally manipulate him after being assimilated into the Core.
  • After becoming one of the minds inside the Core, he became partially responsible for all of the crimes the mind hive committed.
    • While it's true he was not proven to be the one in charge of the machine (and with there being hints it wasn't him who's in charge), he still directly supports all of its actions due to being part of it.
  • He wanted to kill Marcy alongside the other minds in the Core when she first arrived to Newtopia after they sensed her connection to one of the Calamity Gems. The only reason why he changed his mind was that Andrias suggested that he befriend her and then lure her friends to recharge the Calamity Box by going to the three temples, which would also help restore their legacy. Therefore, this is simply a pragmatic move on their part.
  • He possesses Marcy's body alongside his ancestors in an extremely painful process, as she was shown screaming in agony, not to mention it's clear that Andrias genuinely liked Marcy and wanted to pick a different host for the Core, but the mind hive insisted on choosing her.
  • Started the invasion of Earth alongside Andrias and the rest of the Core's minds. While not confirmed, there were implications there were casualties, both military and civilian.
  • During the invasion, Aldrich appears before Marcy and tries to convince her to join the Core as one of its minds and not just a host, and when she refuses, he strips away the fantasy world he gave her and leaves her in an eternal void of darkness that would eventually erase her personality.
  • It is heavily implied he was the consciousness that tried to mind control Andrias when he was having a breakdown, as the Core was speaking to him by saying his son was weak.
  • Upon being defeated the first time, he participates with his ancestors in initiating their final gambit: using an artificial red moon to crash into the planet of Amphibia and destroy all life on it if they could no longer continue their conquest of the multiverse.
    • This indicates that Leif's apocalyptic warnings were actually a self-fulfilling prophecy all along and Aldrich knew of such an outcome from the start.
  • He tries to convince his son to help him along with the Core destroy Amphibia so he could finally join him in the mind hive. However, it was unlikely that it would've been possible since Andrias was in the direct path of the moon's collision. Even worse is that when Andrias finally stands up to him, Aldrich retaliates by causing the moon to ram it harder into Amphibia, fully willing to kill even his own son to make sure Amphibia's destruction was a success.
  • Although he seems to be proud of his son as he claims, it is obvious that his pride of him is only in words, and he's willing to hurt him, not to mention he states he's only almost proud. He also tries to kill Andrias by crashing the moon into Amphibia while Andrias is still on it, meaning that Aldrich saw him only as an extension of himself and a tool for his plans, and never as his actual son.
  • As Anne uses The Calamity Box's Gems to defeat The Core, he mocks her for using Amphibia's Treasure against him and The Core.
  • Unlike most other villains (including his son Andrias), he lacks redeeming qualities and is taken completely seriously, with no comedic moments at all (something that even the other Core minds has).


  • Due to being the only member of the Core with a known personality, King Aldrich is the only member of the mind hive to be Pure Evil, as the other minds inside it aren't elaborated on and fleshed out enough.
  • King Aldrich is the only Amphibia villain to be Pure Evil.

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