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Pick up that coffee. Throw it in your face.
~ Kilgrave orders a bookstore owner to throw scalding coffee in his own face.
For every year you left me alone, stab yourself.
~ Kilgrave orders his mother to stab herself to death.

Kevin Thompson, best known as Kilgrave, is the main antagonist of the Netflix series Marvel's Jessica Jones, serving as the main antagonist of Season 1 and a posthumous antagonist of both Seasons 2 and 3. He is also a mentioned character in Marvel’s Luke Cage and Marvel’s The Defenders.

He was a sociopath enhanced with the power of mind control who would use it to get whatever he wanted and hurt or kill whomever he pleased. He was also the archnemesis of Jessica Jones herself, whom he tried to regain control over and have all to himself.

He was portrayed by David Tennant, who also played Barty Crouch Jr. in the Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire and Lord Commander in Final Space, Cale Erendreich in Bad Samaritan, and Brendan Block in Secret Smile.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He turned numerous girls into sex slaves against their will, including Jessica herself.
  • He made Jessica kill Luke Cage's wife, Reva.
  • He has no problem harming children. He tells two to go into a closet and one of them to urinate in there (it's left ambiguous as to whether they ever left at all), and once told a man to leave his own toddler son on the curb.
  • After getting hit by a bus and hospitalized, he forced an ambulance driver to donate both of his own kidneys during a transplant. This leaves the driver in a catatonic state, begging for death.
  • He gets Malcolm to become a junkie and bring him photos of Jessica in exchange for more drugs.
  • Basically everything he does to Hope; raping and impregnating her (which is why she gets an abortion), forcing her to gun down her parents and thus incriminating her, and it all ends with her committing suicide in order to remove herself as a bargaining chip.
  • He makes a random man throw hot coffee into his own face, and then another commit suicide via swallowing a pair of garden shears.
  • After cheating his way through a poker game with some rich people, he makes one of the players who didn't like losing repeatedly bash his own head into a column.
  • He makes Jessica's neighbor, Ruben, slit his own throat in her bed.
  • He makes Jessica's annoying childhood neighbor suicide-bomb Will, which ends up giving him enough brain trauma to become a homicidal maniac.
  • After his mother stabs him with scissors, he makes her commit suicide by stabbing herself for every year that she left him alone.
  • He tells Jeri's ex-wife Wendy to give her a "death by a thousand cuts", forcing the former's current fiancée Pam to kill the latter in self-defense.
  • He makes Jessica and Luke fight each other, which puts the latter into a coma.
  • He has his father's arms amputated by another one of his thralls, which he bleeds out from.
  • When cornered by Jessica at the docks, he orders the dozens of people there to tear themselves apart as a distraction.
  • Out of pure spite towards Jessica, Kilgrave tries to leave with her best friend Trish and turn her into his plaything. He'd make Trish slit her own throat if he ever saw Jess again.
  • While he admits that saving a woman and her children from a hostage crisis feels good, it's only because of the glory and admiration that comes with it which by its self it’s not an inherently evil thing to do but in line with his status, it counts.
  • While he had a rough childhood (his parents frequently experimenting on him painfully and then finally abandoning him), it does nothing to even remotely justify Kilgrave's actions, because:
    1. His parents only experimented on him because they wanted to save him from a brain disease.
    2. His parents only abandoned him because they were rightfully scared of him as he brainwashed them both for several days, including making his mother burn her own face with a hot iron.
    3. As Jessica points out, it's unfair to blame being a rapist solely on bad parenting because she didn't turn out half as bad despite her own parents and brother dying in a car accident when she was around his age.
    • To put it bluntly simple, there's really no reason for his atrocious crimes apart from kicks and he's simply using his past to avoid having to take any responsibility for them.


  • Although having a rough childhood doesn't excuse his crimes as an adult, it can be argued that Kevin wouldn't have become so vile if certain events had played out differently. His parents experimented on him without anesthesia, he grew up without support or guidance and he even seemed genuinely remorseful for burning his mother's face until she stabbed him. Even David Tennant sympathizes with him because of it.

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