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Behold, the real Dragon Warrior!
~ Ke-Pa after assuming his true form - his most famous qoute.

Ke-Pa is the overarching antagonist of the DreamWorks animated Kung Fu Panda franchise.

He is one of the two unseen overarching antagonists (alongside Lord Shen) of DreamWorks' 16th animated feature length film Kung Fu Panda, the unseen overarching antagonist of Kung Fu Panda 2, one of the three unseen overarching antagonists of the short Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Scroll (along with Tai Lung and Lord Shen), the overarching antagonist of the TV series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomness (being the main antagonist of the two-parter Enter The Dragon), one of the two posthumous overarching antagonists (alongside Lord Shen) of Kung Fu Panda 3 and (alongside Kai the Collector) Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny.

He was voiced by Alfred Molina, who also voiced Mictlan in Maya and the Three.


He is a draconic demon who ravaged the Valley of Peace with his fellow demons long ago, was sealed in a weaker mortal form as a pig and fled but later came back for revenge once his powers began to return to him.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Ruled over the Valley of Peace for years in a state of terror and those entering were driven off or killed.
  • Brutally attacking and wounding Oogway after he'd exhausted himself, nearly murdering him and thrashing him around, a feat no villain had done before.
  • Wished to unleash the demons from the Underworld so that as he would have an army to carry out his goals.
  • When he gets his powers back, he beats up every thug in the bar. While it may seem justified because they were bullying him because he is stuck in a pig body, Ke-Pa 100% deserved it for what all he did when he was in his true form. While he does pay them and tells them to keep the change, considering his endgame, it is obvious it isn't out of honor.
  • Crushes the horn Shifu has to stop him from alerting the Furious Five and then attempts to kill him by choking him.
  • Tricked Po into freeing him from his mortal body by destroying the Peach Tree.
  • After he was freed from his mortal body he started to wreck havoc on the Valley of Peace destroying the Jade Palace, many houses and Po's statue, which would've presumably killed many people who were unaware of the situation or went to seek shelter.
  • Needing the Hero's Chi to release the demons, he threatened to devour the villagers if he wasn't given it.
  • Taunted Po on how he chose trying to keep his heroic image intact instead of warning the villagers about his threat and when Po is forced to leave the village now that everyone (including one of Po's enemies the crocodile bandit Fung) considers him as a disgrace, Ke-Pa smiles and states he love it.
  • Took control of the Valley of Peace again.
  • Threatened to kill Fung and his crocs if they didn't help him, to which they accept out of fear, making Fung his minion.
  • Tried to crush Shifu and kill him to obtain the Hero's Chi. He also mocked Shifu before he crushed him.
  • Enslaving the valley to build a giant Zhuangzi's funnel to break Oogway's seal. He also gave himself most of the credit.
  • When the Furious Five attack him to try ending his threat, he toys with them sadistically before attempting to kill them brutally by squeezing them until he heard Po getting Shifu out of the Funnel.
  • When he found out that Po had the Hero's Chi, he successfully killed him in a pretty brutal way by crushing him and obtained the Hero's Chi (Po would thankfully be revived by a new Peach Tree). This is a feat nobody achieved before or even later (Kai does not count as Po just sacrificed himself to take him with him. He never killed Po), even his most personally evil enemy Shen didn't do any of these.
  • Once he unleashed the Demons, he unleashed them on the citizens of the Valley, ordering them to kill them all, despite helping him build Zhuangzi's funnel to free them.
  • Wanted to conquer China, and then the world, and wipe out every single mortal there is in the planet. This is easily the highest in terms of heinousness in the franchise despite how high it is since no other Kung Fu Panda villain even planned on committing omnicide.
  • Ke-Pa apparently seemed to have cared for his fellow demons at first, as he made great lengths to set them free from the underworld (he even called them his "family" at one point). However, when Po reappeared and destroyed two demons in front of him, while he was shocked, he didn't seem distraught by their deaths and sent the rest of his army to attack him despite fully knowing Po can destroy them. This shows that Ke-Pa didn't really care for them and has a twisted sense of family. He also wanted them out so he can sit back and watch in amusement that people were getting hurt.
  • Once Po re-imprisoned the Demons, he made his last villain deed by sadistically attacking and torturing him, nearly murdering him before he was ultimately deservedly killed by him.
  • Unlike most Kung Fu Panda villains he has no redeeming qualities, honor, and most importantly, insecurity since that is what disqualifies the main villains of the movies. He does have many comedic moments, but he is still taken very seriously, also majority of his comedic moments highlight how sadistic he can be, so the humor ends up making him more evil. Plus, he technically appeared in one episode, so his actions have more effect since he was actually able to do at least this many actions in the screen time he has compared to many other villains in the franchise, even the show itself.


  • Ke-Pa and the White Bone Demon are the only villains from the Kung Fu Panda franchise to be Pure Evil.
  • Some fans think Ke-Pa does not count due to his breakdown of his minions being sealed back into his underworld and called them his "family", thinking he actually had care for them. While it can be interpreted as such, but it should be considered that instead of fighting Po himself after he began erasing his brothers from existence, he sent the rest to swarm him, knowing full well this would kill many of them. It may be interpreted as a necessary sacrifice, but it still shows that he doesn't really care about them based on the tone of his voice. At the end, it feels more like he's angry that he wasted 1000's of years waiting for his minions to be freed only for Po to seal them back again in just 1 second, with all the work he did was for nothing. Ke-Pa was only freeing them because they can make his job easier and so he can sit back and watch in amusement of people get killed, evidenced when he tries to kill Oogway and Po even though he knows he can still free his brethren by using them, thus his care is just pragmatic and not redeeming.
  • He is the first Pure Evil villain from a DreamWorks TV show. He is also the only one to come from the Nickelodeon DreamWorks shows.

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