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MORTAL! You dare call upon Kavaxas; Lord of the Demodragons, Ruler of the Netherworld!? I will burn you and the rest of these abominations to ASH!
~ Kavaxas upon being summoned by Tiger Claw.
In a dimension of suffering, in an age of pain, I rule on a throne of bone! I, Kavaxas, swore one day that I would rule ALL dimensions. The time has come!
~ Kavaxas rising to power.

Kavaxas (also called "Hot Head") is a major antagonist of the 2012 Nickelodeon TV series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, an incarnation of the 1984 Mirage Comics, serving as the main antagonist of the Season 5 premiere arc and a mentioned antagonist in "The Crypt of Dracula".

He is an immensely powerful Demodragon who rules over the Netherworld and desires to unleash his demonic army on the world and destroy humanity.

He was voiced by Mark Hamill, who also played The Joker in the DC Animated Universe and the Arkham games, Malefor in The Legend of Spyro, Colonel Muska in Castle in the Sky, Ozai in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Maltruant in Ben 10: Omniverse and The Trickster in The Flash.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Murdered every magician who summoned him out of pleasure for millenia. Although its off screen, it is given further credence when he attempted to kill Tiger Claw after he summons him before the latter uses a seal to make sure he follows his every command when using it.
  • While unhappy when ordered to give the Turtles, April and Casey a slow and painful death, it was only because he was ordered and would've otherwise taken great joy doing this if Tiger Claw didn't order him.
  • Attempted to eat April O' Neil whole to gain her psychic powers twice.
  • Kills Hattori Tatsu by draining his soul out of his body.
  • Sets Hattori Tatsu's lair on fire to kill the Turtles, April, Casey, Karai and Shinigami, who wouldn't have survived if not for April's psychic powers.
  • He threatens to kill Bebop and Rocksteady if they fail to retrieve the Shredder's heart again while claiming he will tear New York City to pieces.
  • When retrieving Shredder's Heart from Don Visiozo's mob, he makes his entrance by viscously mauling some of the goons before throwing them where they can be killed from the height they start falling and burning some of them alive with his fire powers all out of sheer sadism.
  • When the Hammer launches missiles at him, he deflects them and they end up impacting the Don's headquarters and blowing many places up before draining his soul. He also attempted to the same to Karai before he witnessed Raph having the seal.
  • After gaining the Shredder's heart, he blasts Donnie and Leo out of the building.
  • Resurrected Shredder and Razhar, but brainwashed them to his control and enslaved them against their will when it was time. To make things worse, unlike most brainwashing they were not aware they were being used.
  • Tried to burn Michelangelo alive, only failing to do so because he protected himself with the seal. And while does obey his order to attack Shredder and his minions, he only did this because he had the seal, meaning that he had no other choice as he's forced to obey the one who as it.
  • Used Shredder to make him his second-in-command to make Tiger Claw give the seal to Kavaxas so he can destroy it. He then had Razhar and Shredder attack Tiger Claw to help him destroy the seal when Tiger Claw refused as he knew what Kavaxas will do with the seal and the danger it costs.
  • He unleashed his demonic army to destroy and take over the world. Everyone who was not under Kavaxas' control, even the villains, were against this. This also made Bebop and Rocksteady flee out of fear.
  • Attacked Leatherhead with his fire breath.
  • Only stopped his Armageddon when Michelangelo ordered to because of his weakness to the seal and he even tried fighting it and not get into the portal until Shredder forces himself and Kavaxas into the portal as revenge for his enslavement.
  • Despite the Heinous Standards of the show being impressively high since already 4 PE’s and 4 NPE's who don't fail the Heinous Standards appeared, Kavaxas passes it for the following reasons:
    • He makes a big impact in 4 episodes. And in the first 2 of those episodes, he doesn't have much screen time.
    • By the time he appears, he, Newtralizer, Overmind, Rat King and Shredder are the only ones who have killed onscreen and that they were permanent. To make it worse, Kavaxas has the second-highest onscreen permanent kill count of humans (after Overmind) since the Rat King's kill count is mainly of rats, although they are sentient and he knows it, killing at least 8 of them onscreen, and in very twisted ways for a Nickelodeon show, especially Tatsu and Hammer, which are so horrific that even them already being bad people doesn't negate from the vileness here.
    • His actions have disgusted most of the characters who appeared, specifically in those who appeared in "The End Times" when he sends his army to destroy the world. Even the villains are extremely disgusted by his actions, with Tiger Claw making a truce with the Turtles and as told, Shredder of all people, sacrificing himself to stop Kavaxas (although for selfish reasons), being the only villain he openly loathes.
    • And Kavaxas swore to rule all the 10 dimensions, and that he would rule in a throne of bone. Considering his method of conquering Earth was through a genocidal take over, it is thus heavily implied this is his method of conquering, so he is implied to have a higher attempted body count than Overmind, who wanted to wipe out all organics in the universe, which overall makes his method of multiversal conquest worse than those of Kraang Prime. Even if just a mere genocidal takeover isn't Kavaxas' method of conquering, it is pretty much indicated by his line of "I will rule in a throne of bone" that his methods of conquests will cause a heavy amount of casualties across all the 10 dimensions.


  • He is one of the five Pure Evil villains from the 2012 series, along with Count Dracula, Overmind and Kraang Prime, as well as the Rat King. He is the penultimate Pure Evil to appear (the last being Count Dracula) and the last one to be of supernatural origins.
  • He is the second dragon-like Pure Evil villain Mark Hamill voiced, the first one being Malefor. He is also similar to the aforementioned villain in scale and eye colour and personality.
  • He is also the second Nickelodeon Pure Evil villain voiced by Mark Hamill, the first being Fire Lord Ozai. Coincidentally, they both have the power of pyrokinesis.

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