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..I have no way to run, right? If you can't avoid it, enjoy it! It is tragic that my plan has failed... But if I get to see my sister's most despairful dying moments while I die... Then that doesn't seem that bad of a death. .....You've won. We were the culprit of this case.
~ Kanade revealing her and Hibiki to be the culprits behind Setsuka's murder.

Kanade Otonokoji is a major antagonist in Super Danganronpa Another 2. She's the twin of Hibiki Otonokoji and the Ultimate Guitarist, serving as a member in their popular band "Melody Rhythm".

What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • While she seemingly loves her twin sister Hibiki, she, in reality, wants nothing more than to traumatize her to the point of making her into her personal puppet (as she discovered that every time she killed someone Hibiki cared about she would fall into a traumatized state where she would strictly and mindlessly obey Kanade's orders). And any emotional attachment to Hibiki was nothing more than pure obsession.
  • After her parents gave her twin sister Hibiki a puppy, she killed it out of jealousy over how much attention she gave it and while she originally felt remorse, she soon realized how great of an idea it was when Hibiki tried to reach out to her.
  • One of her many attempts to traumatize Hibiki into becoming her slave was causing her best friend Ayumi's entire body to become permanently paralyzed.
  • Whenever someone else tried to interact with Hibiki, she would heavily mutilate them before killing them. It is estimated that she killed at least 60 people. This includes (but isn't limited to):
    • Hibiki's teacher, who she buried near her own school after killing her.
    • The rest of Melody Rhythm's band, which is the reason it now only consists of her and Hibiki.
    • Her and her sisters' own parents, who's deaths she also filmed for Hibiki to watch.
  • During chapter 3, her seemingly caring and protective nature towards her sister completely shatters when she starts wishing for Hibiki to die.
  • She lured Setsuka Chiebukuro to the pool, knocked her out and showed Hibiki her bloody and presumably dead body, making her think that she had been killed. Resulting in Hibiki entering a traumatized state where she was "awake but unconscious" and could only obey Kanade's orders.
    • She later used this to manipulate Hibiki into helping her murder Setsuka. She then mutilated her corpse into multiple pieces in order to hide the nature of the wound.
  • During the class trial, she created a fake alibi for herself and tried to pass the blame for the murder onto Iroha Nijiue. And later Hibiki (who had no memory of the murder she helped commit due to snapping out of the "brainwashed" state she fell into upon seeing Setsuka's bloody body).
  • Before their execution, she for no apparent reason to turn her sister normal from her brainwashed state just to see Hibiki's terror on her face, this is possibly one of her worst and most heinous acts.
  • During her and her sister's execution, she tried to hold her back as she tried to reach the key that would unlock the cuff around her neck and allow her to escape.
  • Shows sadistic enjoyment over Hibiki's despair during their shared execution and her head getting decapitated from her body. So much so that she was even willing to have her own life thrown away all for the sake of watching Hibiki die in despair.


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