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Eh?! What is THIS, now? Weren't you supposed to be ASLEEP?! GAH!! HOW?! Grrr... no matter... Awake or not, I WILL have my way with you loathsome fungi! My magic shall strip you of your ugliness... AND TURN YOU ALL INTO STONE BLOCKS!! You shall become the bricks that build my grand new tower, which will extend leagues above the heavens! Soon, even galaxies beyond will gaze in envy at my supereme beauty and greatness! THIS IS YOUR DESTINY, FUNGUS! PREPARE YOURSELF!
~ Kammy explaining her plan to Toadette.

Kammy Koopa is the main antagonist of the 2015 Mario fangame Toadette Strikes. She's the leader of the Koopa Clan who took the credit for the sleeping curse and would then organize an invasion to the Mushroom Kingdom to kidnap the Toads that were affected by the said curse and plan on turning them into stone blocks with a machine and use them to build her tower. She is Toadette's archenemy.

What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • While Kammy was already depicted as a threat in the original Paper Mario before becoming a comic relief in The Thousand Year Door, she wasn't nearly as much of a threat when compared to this version of the character.
  • After taking the credit for the sleeping curse, Kammy would launch a full-scale invasion on the Mushroom Kingdom to kidnap the sleeping Toads.
  • She turned some of the Toads she kidnapped into stone blocks, putting them in a fate worse than death. While this is mainly offscreen, the aftermath of it is still shown. She also planned to do the same thing with the other Toads, regardless of if they're awake or not, just so she could use them to build her tower.
    • What's worse is that the said Toads are fully aware of this and are shown to be in pain because of it.
  • If Kammy went through with her plans, she would've been responsible for the entire Toad species being put in a fate worse than death, initially resulting in a genocide.
  • During her transformation into Cursed Kammy Koopa, Kammy indirectly causes Anti Guy to sacrifice himself to save Toadette's life. Sure, it does get revealed that Anti Guy survived in the secret ending but still.
  • While her being used as a table for Toadette's tea party after she got turned into a stone block in the secret ending might be a bit comedic, it's quite brief and doesn't really detract her from her heinousness as her crimes were still taken seriously in the game.
  • While Reckloo may be the true culprit behind the sleeping curse and nearly destroyed all of Subcon with his virus, he was at least against Toad genocide which is why he decided to just put them all to sleep with his curse instead. Kammy, on the other hand, planned to do something much worse with the Toads as stated above. Not to mention that Kammy has less resources than Reckloo because, unlike him, she can't create destructive viruses that can create sleeping curses nor can she use her magic to rip through dimensions.


  • Kammy Koopa is the only Thunder Dragon/Eyes In Everything Villain to be Pure Evil.
  • Kammy is the first (and so far, the only) female fanon Mario Pure Evil.

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