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After all this time, fate has finally brought us together. You, the usurper, the elemental master of Water. And me, the rightful heir and ruler of the Endless Sea.
~ Kalmaar to Nya

Kalmaar is the main antagonist of Season 14: Seabound of LEGO Ninjago animated series. He is the recently installed king of Merlopia, son of Trimaar and adoptive brother of Benthomaar who longs to destroy the surface world due to his hatred for its inhabitants.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Even as a child, he was misanthropic and completely indifferent to the troubles of others. It's also implied that he wanted to exterminate the humans even back then, but didn't have enough resources.
  • He would sink human ships simply because he hated them.
  • Didn't care for his father or adopted brother, even using the latter as a "guinea fish" to find a way to Wojira's temple, all while pretending to have warmed up to him.
  • Attempted to kill the ninja as soon as they came close to Merlopia.
  • During an argument between him and his father, he shot the latter, along with the guards who witnessed it, and blames the ninja. Trimaar died from the received injuries, while the guards' fate is unknown, though they most likely died as well or were prevented from revealing the truth to other Merlopians in another way.
  • Despite him arguing that the humans should be punished for banishing the Merlopians, it soon becomes clear that the only source of his misanthropy is his own prejudice rather than concern for his fellow seafolk, since no other Merlopian was ever shown to despise humans.
  • While chasing the ninja through Merlopia, he ordered his men to open fire, even though this put civilians in danger of getting caught in crossfire. Even Gripe, his most loyal servant, hesitated to follow this order, which only proves that Kalmaar doesn't care for other Merlopians.
  • Broke the Hydro Bounty, leaving it stuck on the Island of Keepers, keeping the ninja alive only because he wanted them to live with the guilt of having failed.
  • While it seemed as if he gained some respect to Antonia after she managed to hold him off for a long time, it was merely him acknowledging that he underestimated how powerful humans could be, and there's no respect in his words, as he still considered Antonia's species "loathsome".
  • Attempted to drown his captured enemies.
  • As soon as Wojira awakens, he sent her on a a rampage through Ninjago City.
  • Created a tsunami which would kill thousands had the city not been evacuated beforehand.
  • Threatened the defenseless Police Commissioner and nearly killed him.
  • Even as he fought Benthomaar, he taunted his adopted brother by saying that Trimaar should've left him where he was found.
  • While he does have a few comedic moments (which are mostly limited to him shrieking when panicking), they don't detract from his villainy in the slightest.
  • Ultimately, his actions caused great pain to the protagonists, as Benthomaar was traumatised by his adoptive father's death and Nya had to merge with the Endless Sea to save Jay and defeat Wojira for good, leaving her teammates (Especially Jay) distraught when she had to leave.


  • Along with Makuta Teridax, General Vex, The Omega, and Meca One, he is one of the only five LEGO Pure Evils. Alongside Vex and the Omega also, he is one of the three Ninjago Pure Evils.
  • Kalmaar has several similarities with General Lunaris, another Pure Evil. Both are not the same species of the protagonists, both hate the protagonist's world (Tranquility for Lunaris, Merlopia for Kalmaar), hate their fathers (Meridian for Lunaris, Trimaar for Kalmaar), they try to destroy the protagonists world, they become arch-enemies with the female heroes (Della for Lunaris and Nya for Kalmaar), and their defeats are very ironic, with Kalmaar being eaten by Wojira and Lunaris becoming the earth's second moon.

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