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The Joker is one of the villains in the DC Elseworlds story "JLA: The Nail" where he has acquired hi-tech gauntlets that have made him far more dangerous than ever before. Notably this version of the Joker was so despicable and evil in terms of his actions that he managed to get Batman to outright kill him.

What Make Him Pure Evil?

  • With the help of his new powers, he takes over Arkham Asylum.
  • Kill Killer Croc and Clayface for trying to challenge him and to test his new powers.
  • Force all the Arkham Asylum inmates to fight each other to the death just for their own entertainment.
  • He plans to make Catwoman his slave when she wins, and when she refuses, he attacks her and attempts to kill her.
  • He tortures Batman and then forces him to watch as he sadistically murders both Robin and Batgirl, completely ripping him apart.
  • His death only made the metahumans' reputations even worse, now being considered inhuman monsters and incriminating Batman for destroying Arkham Asylum and killing everyone there. It also left Batman in a catatonic state for much of the comic, destroying his mind and even hallucinating.
  • He brutally beats Batman once he comes out of Hell, proclaiming that he is now worse than Hell itself.
  • Realizing that he will return to Hell, he initially plans to drag Batman along with him, but then changes his mind and decides that the one to take will be Catwoman, causing Batman to try to sacrifice himself in an attempt to save her.
  • Had it not been for the intervention of the spirits of Robin and Batgirl, he would have managed to send Batman to hell himself.

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