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The real question is how could I not? What would happen without your fertilizer, Clint? Or your pills, Paul? Do you think our community would survive? I did what I had to, to ensure that we would. It wasn’t easy... I took the hard decisions on myself. You all remember the winter — how much we lost. Friends. Lovers. Children. I made a promise — I would never let that happen again. The raids were just to keep up us going, ‘til Richmond reached sustainability. We’re so close. So close to our dream. Do we really want to risk it all by fighting amongst ourselves? We should be all on the same side of this, David. On Richmond’s side. Surely you can see that?
~ Joan about the raids. (Determinant)
I can do anything I want! You brought this on yourself! Do it!
~ Joan spitefully ordering whoever Javier chooses to spare shot dead.

Joan is the main antagonist of Telltale's The Walking Dead: A New Frontier.

She is one of the leaders of the New Frontier along with David Garcia, Clinton Barnes, and Paul Lingard. She is also the archenemy of Javier Garcia.

She was voiced by Jayne Taini.

What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • Leading raids on other settlements without the other Frontier leaders’ knowledge, often leading to destroying them by setting a horde of walkers on them and stealing supplies the New Frontier doesn’t actually need.
  • Had Javier and David arrested when they tried to expose her as the mastermind behind the raids, and will accuse David of said raids if their only witness is killed.
  • Captures Ava and Tripp for a public execution and forces Javier to choose which one to spare, only to have whomever Javi chooses to spare killed out of spite.
  • Sentences Javi’s group to exile, but only because there’s a growing horde of walkers outside Richmond’s walls. Her intent was giving them the most agonizing death she could come up with.
  • Despite being a nice leader once, she later dropped her redeeming qualities presumably after the winter incident.


  • Joan is the only Pure Evil in The Walking Dead whose death is determinant.
  • In a scrapped concept of episode 5, Joan was gonna be featured if she didn’t die in episode 4. The player would have either executed Joan, Exiled Her or let her stayed in Richmond. This implies Joan would have felt remorse for her actions or outright redeemed her, which would have nullified her PE status in that version,

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