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Jang Deok-su (Korean: 장덕수) is a major antagonist in Squid Game. He is a Filipino gang member that resided in South Korea. He participated in Il Nam Oh's Squid Game in order to pay off the debts he owes to the mafia.

He was portrayed by Heo Sung-tae. In the English dub, he was voiced by Paul Nakauchi.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He was already a gangster who owed money to the Korean mafia, so he must have committed many criminal activities before the events of the series.
  • In his first scene, he repeatedly beat up Kang Sae-byeok for her debts, and possibly would have killed her if Seong Gi-hun hadn't intervened. He also ostracizes her for her North Korean heritage.
  • He stabbed one of his henchmen to death after he betrayed him.
  • He stole food from the other contestants at lunchtime, and then beat contestant 271 to death for confronting him over this and breaking his beer bottle.
  • He resorted to massacring 80 contestants so that the game could be quickly ended. However, he took this even further by specifically targeting weak contestants.
  • Unlike the other contestants in the Squid Games, who were ordinary people that were unemployed or with economic difficulties and needed the money to pay off their debts or to help their families and/or someone, not just he was a violent criminal, but he also owed money to the mafia, and nothing is sympathetic about him.
  • While he seemed to genuinely love Han Mi-nyeo at first, he eventually subverted this when he didn't allow her to be on his team for the third game and even went so far as to hit her, calling her a bitch.
    • This is made worse by the fact that Han Mi-nyeo helped him during the second game, and if it hadn't been for her help, he probably would have died.
  • He showed sadistic glee in pulling several contestants to their deaths during the tug-of-war contest on day three.
  • During the fourth game, he did not show any remorse for the death of contestant 278 (one of his men) after beating him at the game of marbles and was even ecstatic about it, unlike the others who were genuinely saddened by the death of their teammates.
  • During the fifth game, he plans to pressure contestant 407 to make sure which glass is the wrong one and then laughs at his death.
  • He forces the other contestants to step in front of him during the fifth game so as not to step on the wrong glass himself and die in the process, even stating that he won't move until someone else does, which would have ended in everyone's death (including his own), all because of his cowardice.
  • Unlike Il Nam-oh, the mastermind behind the game, who has many redeeming qualities such as genuine kindness and admiration for others, Jang has immediately subverted them and lacks any other said qualities.
  • Despite the series' high standards, Jang still stands out for having fewer resources and his own high body count.


  • He is the only Squid Game Pure Evil thus far.

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