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Another day, another defiance. When will you people learn to respect AUTHORITY?!
~ Jafar before using his black magic to kill two thieves.
I should've known, you repulsive cockroach! If your family won't learn obedience, then your deaths will inspire the rest of the world TO FEAR THE NAME JAFAR!! But first, the street rat. I assure you, I am thoroughly going to enjoy this...
~ Jafar threatening to kill Aida and Aladdin.

Jafar, also known by his title of the Sorcerer Sultan, is the main antagonist of the FanScription episode "What If Jafar Won", a retelling of Disney's Aladdin with its plot hinging around him succeeding in his plans and taking over Agrabah while Aladdin is banished.

Aside from reused voice clips of Jonathan Freeman, he is voiced by Doug Walker, who is well known for playing the Nostalgia Critic from the web series of the same name, and also voices Scar in another FanScription episode.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Upon gaining control over Genie, he uses his newfound magical abilities to banish Aladdin and Abu from Agrabah and to distant lands. He also unravels Magic Carpet to prevent them from returning.
  • He usurps the throne of Agrabah, imprisoning the Sultan and enslaving Jasmine.
  • When Jasmine refuses to marry him, he uses his sorcery to revive Jasmine's dead mother Aida, only to cast her out to the streets when her body decomposes, threatening to decapitate his soldiers if they don't.
  • He establishes an oppressive rule over Agrabah, starving its people and stamping out any resistance with his magic.
  • He imprisons Genie in a magic lamp for objecting to his resurrection of Aida, keeping it in a tower in case he requires a third wish.
  • He uses his magic to sadistically torture and execute two thieves trying to steal the lamp.
  • During the battle for the magic lamp, he fatally stabs Razoul, threatens to brutally kill Aladdin and Aida, and transforms into a giant cobra to defeat his enemies, being just moments away from killing Jasmine when she uses Genie to strip him of his powers and permanently transform him into an old man.


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