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Jadis is the main villain of The Chronicles of Narnia series. She appears as the main villain of The Magician's Nephew and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and is a posthumous villain for the rest of the series.

Not originally from the world of Narnia, she is a cruel, cold and calculating woman who destroyed all life in her world of Charn before putting a sleep spell upon herself until she was awoken by Digory and taken to Earth, and eventually Narnia upon its creation by Aslan. 900 years later in Narnia, Jadis enacted an endless winter for a century, becoming known as the White Witch. Jadis raised an army in her evil ways that are at odds against Aslan's creation and the four prophesied children who would have a major part in defeating her.


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What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • She paid "a terrible price" to learn the Deplorable Word and used it to destroy of all life in her entire universe of Charn just cause she couldn't win the war over her sister (who ended up dying by Jadis' actions). She even blamed the destruction on her by claiming that she forced her to do it even though she did so herself by her own doing, meaning that she took no responsibility for it. There are many reasons why this act is not offpage villainy, mainly cause the city in Charn is expounded on greatly:
    1. The walls in the city in Charn were crumbling, and it has been a millennia since Jadis put the sleep spell upon herself. In addition, there are no lifeforms in Charn other than Jadis, no ants, no spiders, not even plants.
    2. In one of the hallways, there were images of Charn's royalty. At the beginning of the hallway, they were friendly rulers, but further through the hallway, there were worse and worse rulers until it all came to Jadis, after which there were no more people. This indicates that her line of royalty ended with her and she was the sole person to use the Deplorable Word, as the rest of her family kept it a secret.
    3. Last but not least, after Digory and Polly go from the world of Narnia to the Wood between the Worlds, Aslan, the creator of Narnia, warns them that it's uncertain that a wicked person will find something as evil as the Deplorable Word and use it to destroy all life, and that nations here on Earth will be ruled by despots who will be just like Jadis when she was a ruler of Charn. This shows that Aslan is fully aware that Jadis used the Deplorable Word to destroy all of Charn's life and uses it to foreshadow the rise of future dictators who would rule over nations from our world.
  • She demanded that Digory and Polly take her to their world because she desired to take it over as well, going as far as to seize Polly by the top of her hair where it hurt the most.
  • She threatens Uncle Andrew that if she finds any signs of disobedience in him, then she'll torture him by casting spells on him that anything he sits on will feel like hot metal and that he will feel invisible blocks of ice in his bed.
  • She attempts to use the Deplorable Word again right in front of Aunt Letty just because she wouldn't bow down to her.
  • She ate of the fruit that would eventually corrupt her.
  • She led more lives to follow her footsteps for many millennia.
  • She tortures and murders Aslan's followers.
  • She corrupts Edmund Pevensie in an attempt to kill him and his siblings to keep the prophecy of her defeat from coming true.
  • She murders Aslan in a painful and humiliating ritual. Though their deal was for Aslan to die in Edmund's place, Jadis spitefully reveals to him that she was going to have Edmund killed anyway, and mocks him about losing his own life and not saving Edmund's.
  • Fatally stabbed Edmund for destroying her wand.


  • Chapter 5 of The Magician's Nephew, "The Deplorable Word", reads that "if she was sorry for all the evil she had done in there, she certainly didn't show it". If it was confirmed she did have remorse, that would disqualify her from her Pure Evil status.
  • While she is Pure Evil in the books, she doesn't count in the 2D animation, BBC, nor Disney adaptations because she isn't heinous enough, as with her wiping out all life in Charn not being explicitly proven nor even shown, especially since they didn't have any of their own versions of The Magician's Nephew.

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