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NOTE: This page is only about his stylized video game incarnation as the movie and realistic video game incarnations of Ivo Shandor was not voted Pure Evil, and thus only the stylized video game version of Ivo Shandor's info and crimes should be put here.

Anyway, I said to myself, "Why worship a god when you can actually become one?"
~ Ivo Shandor's most famous quote.

Ivo Shandor is the main antagonist of both the realistic and stylized versions of Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

According to the Ghostbusters, he was the designer of 55 Central Park West, using unusual materials such as cold-riveted beams with cores of pure selenium, magnesium-tungsten alloys, and gold-plated bolts. Shandor designed the building in a fashion similar to the telescopes NASA uses to identify dead pulsars in deep space. After his death, he became a traveling ghostly being that, after the failure of his god's attempt to take over the material realm, he decides to take action himself. He takes possession of Mayor Jock Mulligan in a plot to become a god himself. The Ghostbusters end up in a great battle with him which he then was defeated and forced back into his realm.

He was voiced by Brian Doyle-Murray.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • After World War I, he considered that society was too sick to survive so he decided to bring the End of the World by summoning Gozer to Earth.
  • Designed the 55 Central Park West building using some unusual material such as cold-riveted girders with cores of pure selenium, magnesium-tungsten alloys, and gold plated bolts, and this functions as the antenna, so that Gozer can also be summoned to the Earth.
  • After Gozer failed to destroy the world twice thanks to the Ghostbusters, Shandor possessed the mayor Jock Mulligan and kidnapped one of his descendants Ilyssa, tried to use her blood with his blood to become the new god of the world. He also uses Walter Peck as his pawn in his plans.


  • Along with Gozer, Shandor is one of the two Pure Evils from Ghostbusters.
  • There are two possible Mitigating Factors that may stop Ivo Shandor from being Pure Evil:
    • He kept a painting of his mother in his church of Gozer. Despite most everything else in the church being run-down, his mother's painting is the only thing that is oddly still pristine, even after being underwater for who knows how long. However, since Shandor never explicitly stated that if he loved his mother, it is rather unlikely.
    • The other Milgating Factor for him is that in the DVD version of Ghostbusters, Egon said that Shandor wants to bring the End of the World because he decided that after World War I, society is too sick to survive and trying to make it better, not to mention in the DVD version, his extra crimes are rather offscreen. However, in the video game, Shandor is not truly a Well-Intentioned Extremist as he tried to remake the world in his own image, so it is rather false as well.

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