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You'll float too.
~ Its most famous quote, referring to causing Its victims to "float".
I'll kill you all! I'll drive you crazy and then I'll kill you all! I am every nightmare you ever had, I am your worst dream come true. I am EVERYTHING you ever were afraid of!
~ It as Pennywise to the Loser's Club.

It (sometimes capitalized as IT), most commonly known by his main form of Pennywise, the Dancing Clown, is the titular main antagonist of Stephen King's horror novel It, its 1990 TV miniseries and its remastered 2017-2019 film duology of the same name.

It is a horrific and malevolent cosmic entity that is billions of years old and preys on Derry's people, especially children, feeding on their fears and using the writhing bright orange lights that comprised Its own life essence known as "Deadlights", a dangerous and eldritch form of energy (which is used as a dark magical weapon by another monstrous Stephen King villain known as the Crimson King), to make them "float" before killing and devouring them. It could also morph into any form It wished, generally based on Its victim's fears but usually taking on the form of a clown.

In the miniseries, It was portrayed by Tim Curry, who also voiced Taurus Bulba in Darkwing Duck, Hexxus in FernGully: The Last Rainforest, Skullmaster in Mighty Max, Slagar the Cruel in Redwall, Von Talon in Valiant and Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In the 2017-2019 film adaptations, It was played by Bill Skarsgård.

What Makes It Pure Evil?

In General

  • When arriving on Earth, It caused a massive cataclysmic event similar to an asteroid impact.
  • Killed the natives that attempted to defeat It with the Ritual of Chüd in the past.
  • Awakens every 27 years to devour the people of Derry (mostly the children), having killed thousands of them over the years.
    • Although It might've been in Its infancy and lacked a moral agency before evolving, once turning into an intelligent and homicidal fiend, It remains proud of Its life choices and doesn't express a shred of remorse for Its actions.
    • Feeding primarily on children since they are easier to scare and taste better, as a result, relishing in their fear and the "taste" it adds.
    • Stacks the corpses of Its victims onto a mountain full of those It had killed in the past in Its lair, showing Its sadistic nature.
    • Is responsible for many tragedies in Derry over the years, such as the Kitchener Ironworks, which killed 108 people, including 88 children, and the massacre at the Black Spot nightclub.
  • Tricked Billy's younger brother Georgie by offering his paper boat back before attacking him, biting his arm off before dragging him into the sewers and mercilessly killing him.
  • Savagely murdered Betty Rimpson by ripping her in half and hung her corpse in a room at the Neibolt House.
  • Murdering Eddie Corcoran.
  • Sadistically taunts all of the members of the Losers Club, using Its powers to toy with them and exploiting all of their greatest fears and insecurities. This includes:
    • Taunting Billy with the death of Georgie by using the latter's corpse as a puppet.
    • Taunting Beverly with her father's sexual abuse and hemophobia.
    • Taunting Richie with his fear of clowns and closeted homosexuality.
    • Taunting Ben's overweight frame and exploiting that with his crush on Beverly, as well as showing him the Kitchener Ironworks incident and a boy's head in a tree. It also tries to kill him in the form of the headless boy.
    • Taunting Mike with the deaths of his parents in a fire.
    • Taunting Stan with the fear of a creepy-looking, flute-playing woman in a picture. Stan, as an adult, would later commit suicide upon realizing Pennywise had returned.
    • Taunting Eddie with his hypochondria and his relationship with his mother.
  • Influences the adults not to do anything to help kids when they are in trouble.
  • Driving Henry Bowers even more insane by making him kill his abusive father and attempt to kill the Losers.
    • Caused Henry to take the fall for Its murders, which lead to him being locked up in a mental asylum.
    • Is shown to have influenced Henry's behavior, noticeably being present every time Henry was more dangerously violent and homicidal.
  • Is responsible for the deaths of the entire Bowers gang.
  • Caused Stan to commit suicide as an adult once he reawakened.
  • Drove Bill's wife into a catatonic state when she saw Its true form.
  • Rescued a gay man named Adrian Mellon after he had been harassed, only to brutally kill him in front of his boyfriend, Don Hagarty.
  • Breaks Henry out of his mental asylum and manipulates him into going into another killing spree and trying to kill the Losers once again.
  • Despite being a literal monster, It has a very high intellect, and displays a clear mind and personality.

Book Exclusive

  • It murdered over 300 settlers and many years later he killed a large group of lumberjacks as well.
  • It killed a young girl named Esther Sinclair in a similar manner to Georgie.
  • It brutally murdered a toddler named Frederick Cowan, drowning and partially devouring him, causing his mother to go insane and be confined in a local mental hospital.
  • It brutally ripped a boy's head off as he was heading home.
  • It murders Patrick Hockstetter in the form of leeches, although it can be argued that Patrick deserved it for the horrible actions he did.
    • The Losers mention all of Henry's friends were eventually killed by It, implying that It killed Peter Gordon, Moose Sadler, and Gard Jagermeyer as well.
  • It hypnotized Beverly's abusive ex-husband/ex-boyfriend Tom Rogan when the latter arrived in Derry with the intent of killing Beverly as revenge for leaving It abandoned, in which It used Tom to capture Billy's wife Audra Phillips and have her brought to Its lair in the city sewers. When Tom sees It in Its true form, he collapses dead from shock before his corpse is consumed. However, it can be argued that Rogan actually deserved it for the horrible abuse he put towards Beverly.
  • It tore off Eddie Kaspbrak's arm and killed him.

2017-2019 Film Exclusive

  • Prevented a couple from saving Ben from the Bowers Gang.
  • During the Neibolt House confrontation, It cruelly taunted Eddie by pretending to bite his broken arm while drooling and preparing to devour him, before taunting Bill about how It killed Georgie and trying to kill him instead, only stopping because Beverly impaled him through the head.
    • It also tried to drown Billy and Richie in a pool of ink in the process.
  • Manipulating Henry Bowers into killing his abusive father by speaking to him on a TV full of children, developing his (already) sociopathic and sadistic nature into full-on murderous intent and psychopathy, to the point that Henry even murders his own friends for no reason and tries to kill the Losers too.
  • Murders Patrick Hockstetter (another one of Henry's friends) in the sewers after taunting him with visions of zombie kids.
  • Viciously attacked Stan in the sewers in the form of the creepy flute-playing woman he's afraid of, violently mauling his face and leaving him scarred. As an adult, Stan would later commit suicide out of trauma from this and It would mock the Losers for the loss of their friend.
  • It possessed Alvin Marsh and tried to force him to rape Beverly.
  • Kidnapped Beverly and attempted to manipulate the Losers into not rescuing her.
  • Taunted Bill over the possibility of Georgie still being alive, appearing to him as a fake illusion of his brother as part of Its manipulation to kill him.
  • During the first final battle It had with the Losers, It kidnapped Bill and offered to spare them only if they let It kill Bill.
  • During the battle, he turned into their fears and insecurity one more time in an attempt to torment them, even mocking Beverly about her sexually abusive father.
  • Tricks a girl named Victoria with her insecurity about the birthmark on her face by acting as if It was constantly rejected by Its appearance too, and then devours her.
  • Sadistically toys with Bill, repeating the same tragedy of Georgie with another boy named Dean who lived in Derry by trapping the child in a hall of mirrors at a carnival and violently killing him in front of Billy as he watched helplessly. Bill even offered for It to kill him in Dean's place yet It still chose to brutally murder Dean just to torment Bill for Its own sadistic amusement.
  • Torments the Losers during their second battle, even nearly burying Ben alive.
  • Kills Eddie right in front of the Losers Club and attempts to slaughter the rest of them as well.
  • Despite being funny, Pennywise is taken completely seriously.


  • Pennywise is the icon of the Pure Evil Wiki.
  • Some fans consider It to be somewhat misunderstood instead of evil as It preys on children for survival, suggesting that It only does it to live. Some also argue that It scares the children only to make them delicious, not out of sadism. However, this is false, as It bullies and torments Its prey instead of just scaring and killing them and, as explained in the book from Its own perspective, It also views humans and life outside of itself as inferior to It and is an incredibly malevolent being, which proves that It is Pure Evil.
    • This is especially apparent in Chapter Two. When Bill tells It that It can just take him since he's actually there now (unlike when Georgie died which he still blames himself for as an adult), It sadistically chooses to ignore his request and instead makes him relieve his traumatic childhood by killing another little boy in front of him.
  • It claims that to have devoured entire worlds, implying that It devoured entire planets in Its rampage before coming to Earth. It is possible that said planets had living sapient beings in them, and if it was confirmed, it would have made It even worse.
  • While every version of It easily qualifies as Pure Evil, it is arguable which version of It is the evilest incarnation of the character. However, most consider Its 2017 film incarnation the evilest, due to having far more deeds and being exceedingly more sadistic than Its original incarnation, specifically with It taunting Bill of the possibility of Georgie still being alive when he is actually dead and It stacking the corpses of Its victims over the years into a mountain of bodies.
  • It is the only live-action villain role of Tim Curry to be Pure Evil so far.

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