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My clan has been shackled with protecting humanity since time immemorial. They knew of the existence of power with infinite potential yet they did nothing. Truly a languorous and brainless clan. The same goes for humans. They refuse to change through the ages. Truly moronic creatures. My duty? To the world? I have discarded that long ago. I have obtained power, and so I wish to use it! I shall take this tedious world, and imbue it with the excitement of destruction and carnage! To all the foolish humans, I have for you a small present.
~ Master Logos reveals his motives to the swordsmen.
The Book of Omniscience. With this, I shall become a god!
~ Isaac uniting the Seiken and the Wonder Ride Books.

Isaac Kanda is the leader of the Sword of Logos and one of the two main antagonists of Kamen Rider Saber. He serves as a background character in the first quarter, the overarching antagonist in the second quarter, and the main antagonist in the third quarter.

He is a descendant of the first Master Logos, inheriting the title of Master Logos from his ancestor. Unlike his pacifist and altruistic ancestor, he is a sadistic hedonist whose long lifespan has led him become obsessed with destruction and chaos. Discontent with his role as protector of what he saw as a stagnant and foolish humanity, Isaac secretly forsook his duty and began working to gather all the Wonder Ride Books and Sacred Swords in order to use their power to recreate and obtain the Almighty Book, so he can use it to remake the world into one where humans are constantly tormented for his own amusement. To this end, he allied with the Megid and manipulating the Shindai siblings into carrying out his will.

After gathering the Sacred Swords and using them to summon the Almighty Book, Isaac denounce his Master Logos title and gains his own personal Seiken which he uses to transform into Kamen Rider Solomon.

He is portrayed by Keisuke Soma.

What Make Him Pure Evil?

  • Unlike his ancestors, Isaac is a sadistic hedonist who rejoices in trying to annihilate life or bursting into laughter at someone's misfortune, pain and despair. In other words, he insulted their ancestors.
  • He lied to Hayato 15 years ago to manipulate him into kidnapping and sealing Luna, resulting in a conflict that ended in the deaths of Hayato and several other swordsmen.
  • He unsealed the Book Of Ruin and resurrected Bacht.
  • He killed all The Four Sages who discovered Sophia's identity.
  • Manipulated the Shindai siblings into aiding him and sent Reika to kidnap and interrogate Sophia as to where she hid her Wonder Ride Book.
  • He attacked Tassel, who warned him not to play with human fate, and imprisoned Tassel in a section of the Almighty Book.
  • He tried to kill Touma Kamiyama and Rintaro Shindo using Ryoga Shindai.
  • He reveals his true intentions to create a world where, in his own words, "the screams of humans will replace the birds chirping at dawn."
  • He tried to resurrect the Almighty Book using Luna's power and Seikens. Also, since Luna was a young child at the time, this also amounts to child abuse.
  • He made Books of the End all over the world, and delivered a worldwide announcement attempting to goad the nations of the world into going to war with each other.
  • He destroyed numerous cities with the power of Omniforce in order to send the world into chaos.
  • He began to destroy the whole world with the power of the Almighty Book, but it failed.
  • He thought he would look like a tragic villain to Touma and Rintaro for losing a loved one due to human faults, but in fact, this was a lie to make fun of Touma and Rintaro, and the reason he wants to destroy humanity is simply because he is bored.
  • After he betrayed the Shindai siblings, he hypnotized Ryoga into attacking and trying to kill his younger sister. He later hypnotized Touma's friends into fighting him.
  • Overall, he is the most evil villain in Kamen Rider Saber. Most of the villains in Kamen Rider Saber are portrayed as sympathetic and tragic, and even the main antagonist, Storious, redeemed himself, but Isaac is not. Isaac tried to destroy the world in order to satisfy his pleasures and sadism, an act that insulted even his forefathers.


  • He is the only Kamen Rider villain from the Reiwa Era to be Pure Evil.
  • He is the only Pure Evil villain to appear in Kamen Rider Saber. The villains in Kamen Rider Saber have great faith beliefs, and while the other main antagonist, the Storious, is portrayed very sympathetically and eventually redeemed himself, Isaac has no convictions and is completely irredeemable.

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