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Immortan Joe is the main antagonist of the 2015 Warner Bros. film Mad Max: Fury Road. He is the tyrannical and manipulative ruler of the Cult of the V8, and the most powerful of the warlords controlling the wastelands.

He rules the wasteland from his Citadel, keeping his citizenry in line through use of the aquifer concealed under his fortress, encouraging them to worship him as a messiah. Old and diseased, Joe is now determined to ensure that his kingdom remains intact long after his death, and to that end, he keeps a harem of wives captive, hoping to produce a viable heir through their repeated rape. When his wives are freed by Joe's Imperator Furiosa, Joe and the War Boys set out to recapture them.

He was portrayed by the late Hugh Keays-Byrne, who previously portrayed Toecutter in the very first Mad Max in 1979.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Even though he was originally praised as a hero from the Water Wars, his redeeming qualities was completely shredded when he leads his gang to slaughter the leaders of other gangs, and taking women for his own.
  • Taking over the Wasteland along with his men The Bullet Farmer and The People Eater, as they discovered the aquifer (later known as The Citadel) with the largest water supply in it within the general area.
  • Poking fun of the residents in the Citadel by wasting water
  • Constantly raping his wives.
  • Constantly using other women for "Mother's Milk", never-ending lactation with no other purpose in their life.
    • While he gives a chug of Mother's Milk to his son, this was only for testing the substance to make sure it isn't poisonous or harmful to his body.
  • Oppressing the population of the Wasteland.
  • Though he was upset by his wives running off with Furiosa, this wasn't out of any genuine concern since he considered them his property. He saw it as theft and nothing else.
    • On another note, Joe was seen being in distress of Splendid Angharad being killed by being run over through his wheels along with him turning to avoid killing her. However, he was only mad that his future heir was in possible danger and had absolutely no care for his wife.
  • While he praised Nux and promised to lead him to Valhalla if he brings back his wives, the "praise" was just a subtle order for him to kill Furiosa with Joe likely taking all the credit from the other War Boys. As well as this, the moment Nux fails to do so, he dismisses him as "mediocre" and continues his pursuit.
    • Because of this, he manipulated countless War Boys since birth (as War Pups were introduced in the film) to doing heinous deeds in order for them to reach Valhalla, a paradise for them to be with their previous brethren.
  • He doesn't truly care about any of his people, and views them as his tools.


  • He is the sole Mad Max villain to be Pure Evil.

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