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All this is a game, Inspector. A game with rules... and I make them.
~ Pellegrini to Gabriel Dumont.
He wants to destroy us. But I won't let him.
~ Pellegrini to his daughter about Assane Diop.

Hubert Pellegrini is the main antagonist of the 2021 French Netflix series Lupin, serving with this role in both parts.

One of the richest men in France, Pellegrini plans to become even richer, even if it means murdering and/or framing people, such as Babakar Diop, which would start the events of the series. He is the archenemy of Assane Diop, the son of Babakar who seeks vengeance for his father's death.

He was portrayed by Herve Pierre.

What Makes him Pure Evil?

  • While he claims that children are sacred to him, it was when he was being hold hostage, not to mention he was only slightly annoyed when he learned that Raoul, a teenage boy, was kidnapped.
  • While it might seem like he cares about his family, he forces them to live like he wants and manipulates them.
  • Even before the events of the series, Pellegrini had what he claims to be half of the police department in his pocket.
  • In an attempt to get more money from insurance, Pellegrini would hire Babakar Diop with the sole intention of framing him for the theft of Marie Antoinette's necklace. In reality, Pellegrini himself ordered it to be stolen.
  • Even before framing Babakar, he was racist towards him, even calling him an ape at one point.
  • He made his wife Annie manipulate Babakar into signing a confession that would apparently lighten his sentence, while in reality it would make it even worse.
  • Forced Gabriel Dumont, the police officer in charge of Babakar's case, into joining his side by threatening his wife.
  • He hired Leonard Kone into killing Babakar and staging it to look like suicide by hanging. He would then release Leonard from prison.
  • He forbid his daughter Juliette from seeing Assane not because he was Babakar's son, but because he was black.
  • He sold weapons to Malaysian terrorists, which ended up in the terrorists attacking the French embassy in Kuala Lampur, killing eleven people, demonstrating he doesn't even care about his own people or nation.
  • While he presented himself to the public under a gentle patriotic persona, in reality he's nothing more than a greedy egotist whose only cares about himself and make more money.
  • Once journalist Fabienne Beriot tried to reveal his crimes, he not only gave her a record-breaking defamation lawsuit, but also completely ruined her carrier and life.
  • When Assane tried to reveal Pellegrini's crimes on TV under the alias of Salvator, he ordered his men to alter the recording to make Pellegrini seem innocent.
  • Ordered Leonard to kill Fabienne while staging it to look like suicide; the same thing he did to Babakar.
  • Send Leonard to kill Assane. Though it was unsuccesful.
  • He made a deal with Assane's girlfriend Claire, which would release Raoul while sending undercover cops to arrest Assane.
  • He would, alongside Juliette, start a foundation that would help children in need; In reality, only 15% of the profit would go to the foundation, with the rest being his.
  • He would send Leonard to kill Assane one more time. In reality, however, Pellegrini send another man, Pascal Oblet, into killing Leonard and framing Assane for it.
  • He send Pascal to spy on Assane's friend Benjamin Ferel, and then kill him.
  • Throughout the show, it's made clear that because of Pellegrini, France is suffering due to criminals being let loose while the cops are either incompetent, corrupt, or both. Because of every crime he has done, it led to his arrest as well as Dumont's.


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