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NOTE: This page is only about his film incarnation as the original novel incarnation of Horned King was not voted Pure Evil, and thus only the film version of Horned King's info and crimes should be put here.

Now I call on my army of the dead: the Cauldron Born! Arise, my messengers of death! Our time has arrived!
~ The Horned King's infamous quote

The Horned King is the main antagonist of Disney's 25th full-length animated feature film The Black Cauldron, a film in which surprisingly has very little aspects of a lighthearted tone in compare and contrast to most Disney animated movies. As to how this story was considerably dark was mainly because of Horned King's presence was undoubtedly and blatantly so intimidating that he is a villain to be greatly feared. Horned King's motives are in target for bringing upon his undead soldiers by using the Black Cauldron, where his command comes as an attempt to cause a slaughter to many lives for his reign.

He was voiced by the late John Hurt, who also played Harry in Pride and Lord Cotys in Hercules.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Abused Creeper constantly for his incompetence.
  • Had Creeper attempt to have Hen Wen beheaded by an executor when Taran refused at first to let Hen Wen show him where the Black Cauldron was.
  • Sacrificed his human henchmen by allowing the Cauldron Born to attack them once to bring them back to life and become his skeleton army.
  • His entire goal is to use the Cauldron Born to slaughter every last man on Pydrain to resurrect them as his undead minions and control the planet.
  • Threatened to have Creeper's body possessed when the Cauldron Born started to die and tried sacrificing him to the Cauldron.
  • After his plan failed, tried to throw Taran into the Black Cauldron purely out of spite so the boy could at the very least satiate the cauldron's appetite.


  • The Horned King is sometimes believed to have been the first Pure Evil villain in a Disney film. However, this is incorrect; the first ever Pure Evil in a Disney film was the Coachman from Pinocchio. However, as the Coachman shared the role of main antagonist with other characters, it can be said that the Horned King was the first sole Pure Evil main antagonist in a Disney film.

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