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You have forgotten who you are. You truly think you are worthy to stand beside me, could be EQUAL to me? I made you in my image, but you have become an abomination. And so, you must be reborn.
~ Horde Prime to Hordak before wiping the latter's mind.
You miscalculated. I see all. I know all. You thought yourself worthy to challenge me, but you are nothing but a false hero, the last of the First Ones to fall at my hands. You have led your friends to destruction.
~ Horde Prime to Adora/She-Ra.

Horde Prime is the main antagonist of the Netflix original series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. He is the overarching antagonist of the first four seasons and is the main antagonist of the fifth and final season. He is She-Ra/Adora's arch-nemesis.

He is voiced by Keston John.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • In the past, he created the Galactic Horde and has conquered and destroyed many worlds, leading to the death of billions.
  • He got into a war with the First Ones, eventually wiping most of them out.
  • He is behind Hordak, eventually creating the Horde. Many years ago, Hordak was Horde Prime's top general, but when an error with Hordak's cloning began to show, Horde Prime cast him out through a portal to Etheria where he tried to build his empire and conquer it to prove he was not defective. Due to this he is indirectly responsible for the Horde’s actions on Etheria.
  • After Hordak had done everything to impress him, he is not impressed when he comes to Etheria and sends Hordak off the be reconditioned, which involves horrible mindwipes.
  • He plans to destroy Etheria to cover up Hordak's failure and is only convinced otherwise when Catra tells him about the Heart of Etheria.
  • He conquers Etheria with absolutely no effort.
  • He uses the dining room's giant monitor screen to show Glimmer footage from his army's attack on the Rebellion's base. He then threatens to kill them all unless Glimmer gives him the information he wants. Glimmer, not wanting her friends to get hurt, gives in to his threats, and Horde Prime-only orders his soldiers to stand down because he finds out from Glimmer that Adora/She-Ra is the only one capable of controlling the Heart of Etheria.
  • He shows Glimmer his trophy collection, which shows a trophy he took of every planet he conquered, destroyed, and reshaped in his image.
  • He tries to convince Glimmer to help him find She-Ra by claiming that he only wants to use the Heart of Etheria to create peace. Glimmer tells him that activating the Heart could potentially wipe out all life in the universe, only for Horde Prime to reveal that it's precisely what he wants so he can rebuild the universe in his image.
  • When one of the clones is given a name at this point, Horde Prime has him melted down to free him from the curse of individuality, with the others chanting how his Light purifies them all.
  • He brainwashes many people to fight on his side.
  • He attempts to use the Heart of Etheria to destroy the entire universe and remake it in his image.
  • He treats his clones horribly, viewing them as slaves at worst and extensions of himself at best.
  • After he is thrown down the shaft by Hordak, he possess and later uses him as his vessel and decides to use the Heart of Etheria to destroy the universe permanently, himself included.
  • He's indirectly responsible for the death of Shadow Weaver, as she sacrificed herself to save Adora and Catra from his monster.
  • He orders Hordak to kill Entrapta.
  • While he pushes the idea of bringing peace, it's nothing more than his twisted version of it.
  • His decision of sending Hordak on a suicide mission also lead to the exile of King Micah and sacrifice/death of Queen Angella, Glimmer's parents, with the Queen not knowing her husband was alive.
  • When he was confronted by She-Ra, he still doesn't want to give up or showing remorse for his crimes and he just proclaims his invincibility and promises to rise again.
  • Although the scene where She-Ra exorcises Hordak to free him from his presence and finally killing him was dark to the point that Horde Prime would became a Scapegoat, at the end, however, he actually got what he deserved.
  • He's the only villain in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power that he doesn't have any redeeming qualities.


  • He, alongside the 2002 version of Skeletor, are the only two Masters of the Universe franchise villains to be Pure Evil.

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