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The doomsday of Kamen Riders has arrived.
~ Hiroshi Tennoji's most famous quote.

Hiroshi Tennoji (天王路 博史 Ten'nōji Hiroshi) is the main antagonist of Kamen Rider Blade. He is the chairman of BOARD who intentionally released the Undead and set up the fake Battle Fight for his own ends. His ultimate goal is the creation of the Category Ace Undead Kerberos, so that he could fuse with it and win the Battle Fight himself in order to have his "dream" come true; this warped dream being the creation of a new world order with himself as its ruler.

He is portrayed by Kohji Moritsugu, who is best known for his role as Ultraseven/Dan Moroboshi in the Tokusatsu series Ultra Seven.


Hiroshi Tennoji is a former BOARD president and founder of BOARD. After the undead liberation case, he was ostensibly withdrawn from BOARD in a responsible manner. He is a person with tremendous financial power and power, and that power is said to be "the person who tries to investigate him will be killed." Owns a black stone board, a monolith, through the will of the "regulator".

He is the mastermind behind the modern battle fight that started three years ago. Its true purpose is to resume battle fights in the present age, participate and win by transforming oneself into the ultimate undead, and acquire "universal power", thereby extinguishing all human beings and creating new human beings who follow themselves. Was to rule the world. It is also part of the calculation that one of the BOARD staff releases the undead, and after that happens, the memory data of Trial B, which inherited the memory of Yoshito Hirose, was falsified and manipulated as his own hand piece.

When the modified experimental body has reached the stage where it can be operated as a force, the plan is started on the front stage, and Titan is sent in to try to eliminate the Kamen Rider who has already sealed most of the undead and is becoming obsolete. Then, he succeeded in transforming into Kerberos II by embodying and sealing Cerberus, which was completed as a culmination of research, and by a card reader with a modified left arm. However, he was defeated before the joint attack of four riders, and when the transformation was released, he was killed by Kanai, and his Cerberus card was stolen by Kanai.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Restarting the Battle Fight by manipulating Hirose to release most of Undeads and let them roam to outside world and kill many people.
  • Created the Trial series to kill the Kamen Riders and complete the creation of Kerberos.
  • Created Titan Undead to poisoned Mutsuki so that he could be fully controlled by Spider Undead and kill him slowly.
  • Taunts Tiger Undead that the modern Battle Fight is manipulated and orchestrated by him.
  • After the creation of Kerberos was complete, he let Kerberos kill the BOARD staff and he smiled after Kerberos killed them.
  • Having Kerberos absorb all of Undeads and forcing Hajime to return to his Joker form.
  • After Kerberos was sealed and he merged with Kerberos using a fusion device, he tried to seal Kanai and proclaim that he was the strongest undead and a new world would soon be created.
  • When he was confronted by the Kamen Riders, he hypocritically explained to them that nowaday humans' conscience has been purged by demon and world peace is fading away due to human selfishness. However, it was just a hypocritical thought that he conceived and he only wanted to become the god in his new world by annihilating all humans.
  • He didn't have a Freudian Excuse at all since he only wanted to become the god of his new world and willing to kill all humans for his own god complex ambition no matter what. The Freudian Excuse he had was just his hyprocritical thinking.

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