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Herbert Landon is a recurring antagonist in Spider-Man: The Animated Series. He was a brilliant but completely amoral scientist who specialized in mutant DNA. He later became an employee to Wilson Fisk.

He was voiced by David Warner, who also voiced Jon Irenicus in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He tried to commit genocide against all the mutants in the world to, according to him, "purify" the human race. To make matters worse, he tries to test his chemistry on Hank "Beast" McCoy, his former best friend.
    • When Wolverine tried to save Beast, Landon gladly tried to seize the opportunity and kill them both.
  • He double-crosses Hobgoblin, trying to blow him up with a fake briefcase of money.
  • Once turned into a mutant, he kidnaps his assistant and tries to absorb all the electricity in New York City.
  • He allied himself with the Kingpin in his quest to take over the world.
  • He tried to kill Spider-Man even though he helped him partially regain his human form.
  • He turns Alistair Smythe into a cyborg slave with the intention of him killing Spider-Man and Norman Osborn, only for the situation to end up spiraling out of control when Smythe turns against him and the Kingpin.
  • He visibly cannot comprehend why Kingpin would help Spider-Man and the Spot close the portal above New York, implying that he'd rather let the world be destroyed than assist his foes.
  • He turns Felicia Hardy into Black Cat and blackmails her into killing Spider-Man, threatening to kill her father John Hardesky.
  • He doesn't care about the Kingpin in the slightest, he just uses him as a tool to further his own goals. Proof of this claim is when one of Fisk's men points out that he never intended to go through with his deal in creating his mutant army.

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