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Thing is, I'm a gentleman. You'dah knocked? You couldah come right in. But you had to go and sneak around. That's the problem with you new cops: no respect. Course, used to be, we earned your respect. You hit us, we hit back. Made you know your place. Gave you the fear. But now- now yah think a stiff breeze'll blow us over. Time to bring the fear back.
~ Hammerhead as he ruthlessly kills the kidnapped police officers.
I just want to thank you for showing me what I've been doing wrong for years. If I want to rule this city, I gotta modernise. Evolve. Now that I'm evolved, it's time for me to be the boss I always shoulda been. Just as soon as I kill you both.
~ Hammerhead during his final fight with Spider-Man and Silver Sable.

Joseph Martello, more commonly known as Hammerhead, is a major antagonist in the 2018 video game Marvel's Spider-Man, as he was the unseen overarching antagonist of the main game's side mission "Cat's Cradle", and later appeared as the main antagonist of the DLC story trilogy The City that Never Sleeps. He is also a mentioned antagonist in its 2020 spin-off Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

He is a ruthless crime lord and head of one of the criminal families of the Maggia organization, who aimed to overthrow his fellow dons and take over all of New York City with stolen Sable International technology. He has a carbon steel metal plate in his head.

He was voiced and motion-captured by Keith Silverstein, who also voiced Johan Liebert in the English version of Monster.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Hiring Black Cat to steal USB drives from his fellow Maggia dons, intending to use them to blackmail and overthrow them.
  • Planting a bomb in Black Cat's apartment and nearly killing her for double-crossing him.
  • Terrorizing New York with a gang war against the other Maggia crime families, arming his men with leftover tech from Sable International after the Devil's Breath incident, with numerous citizens getting killed.
  • Murdering Captain Yuri Watanabe's men in front of her while stealing the Project Olympus armor, which corrupted Yuri into becoming the vigilante Wraith and also put her into therapy.
  • Attempting to drown the other Maggia dons in cement while having it broadcast all over New York to send a message.
  • Threatened to kill an Oscorp employee when he wouldn't make him a cyborg, despite the former explicitly saying that he did not know how to do this.
  • Stealing humanitarian aid supplies meant for thousand of innocent people in Symkaria, who will explicitly die without it, purely out of greed.
  • Nearly murdering Spider-Man by trying to shred him in the turbine of Silver Sable's jet.
  • While getting modified into a cyborg, he forces an Oscorp scientist into upgrading his men with cyber-enhancements, not caring that some will die during the procedure.
  • Torturing Silver Sable with a drill until he obtains the most dangerous Sable Tech she has to offer.
  • Even though Black Cat lied about Hammerhead threatening to kill her son unless she stole the USB drives for him, according to MJ, it was the kind of thing that he would do. This means that Hammerhead is more than willing to use innocent children to get what he wanted.
  • Despite claiming that he wanted to make New York respect the Maggia, he has proven to show no honor or respect for anyone unless they did whatever he says. This is further enforced by how he prefers to use fear as a means to gain and show power.


  • This adaption of Hammerhead is arguably the darkest one so far, as unlike the previous ones, his backstory, although still mysterious, shows no means of justifying his multiple heinous acts.

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