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Surrender the Redstone Heart, now, because I will trap you here. Forever! I am 100% fine with that course of action!
~ Hadrian revealing that he has no problems with trapping the New Order of the Stone in his world for eternity.

Hadrian is a major antagonist of Minecraft: Story Mode, appearing as the final antagonist of Season One as the main antagonist of the last episode, "A Journey's End?". He is the tyrannical leader of the Old Builders who keeps the Competitors playing in his Games until they lose and he and Mevia force them to work in his mines in turmoil.

He was voiced by Jim Cummings, who also voiced Dr. Robotnik in Sonic SatAM, Steele in Balto, Rasputin's singing voice in Anastasia, Jacques in Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island, Scar in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Fusilli in Courage the Cowardly Dog and Budzo in Zambezia.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Though he originally created the Old Builder Games alongside Mevia and Otto to be a fun competition, he became very sadistic while overseeing it, so he decided to change it to an excruciating torturing method alongside Mevia; while none of the Competitors actually die, the torture alone is enough to push Hadrian past the baseline.
  • He constantly rigs the rules of the Games alongside Mevia so that no one can win, and have fun watching the competitors losing, getting eliminated, and "respawning" in their cells, after which they are tortured by being forced to work in their quartz mines in a hellish dimension known as the Nether.
  • He does nothing to keep the zombie pigmen away from the miners and just watches alongside Mevia as the miners continue to mine quartz forever in toil, despite pigmen previously shown to be homicidal creatures, which shows that these conditions are hazardous.
  • He bore false witness to the competitors and gave them false hope by lying about Tim being real, by making him up as a role model who was supposedly able to beat the Games and return home, to continue the cycle and keep everyone trapped in his world for eternity. Later on, he sadistically reveals to Jesse that Tim never existed.
  • He has Mevia abduct Olivia and Axel, Jesse's friends from the beginning of the game. Hadrian also knew that Jesse had a friend named Reuben who helped him or her destroy the Wither Storm and has Mevia capture him too, with neither of them realizing they got an EnderCon worker who was also named Reuben. Even if Hadrian does realize it, he still decides to have him work in toil in the mines forever alongside Jesse's friends.
  • He made a deal was that if Jesse and the New Order of the Stone win the Games, they will be given the Portal Atlas so they can return home, but if they lose the Games, Harper will be forced to work in his mines as well. He then changes his deal into a sadistic choice, telling Jesse that if he or she loses, then he will release his or her friends while he or she is sent to the mines.
  • It's heavily implied by Em and Harper that Hadrian would've never kept true to his deal and sent everyone to his mines anyway, evidenced by how Hadrian cut his deal with Emily despite everything she did to keep her end of the bargain.
  • After falling into a pit, he tricks Jesse by trying to ask forgiveness out of him or her, only for Mevia to sneak up behind Jesse and kill him or her. After Hadrian acquires the Redstone Heart, he shows absolutely no remorse for his actions.
  • Unlike Mevia, who lightens the mood after both she and Hadrian are sentenced by Jesse to the world of zombie-sized chickens or chicken-sized zombies due to her making a joke about said world, Hadrian is always played completely seriously as he coldly criticizes her for her joke, much to her dismay. In one of the endings, he will fire Mevia and break their alliance after she cracks a harmless/offenseless joke just to cheer him up, despite the fact she helped him a lot.
  • Despite being a mere human, he does the worst he can with his limited resources, as no one else in the series rigged a fun competition and turned it into something horrific, nor did they change their deal with the full intention of breaking them. Even while PAMA is arguably worse due to the resources it has, it never made a deal which it will backstab anyway and give the people it enslaved false hope.


  • Hadrian is one of the two evilest characters in Minecraft: Story Mode and the only ones to be Pure Evil (alongside PAMA), worse than Ivor, the Wither Storm, Soren the Architect, Aiden, the White Pumpkin, Romeo, or the Warden, who are arguably the most dangerous villains in the game. Interestingly enough, both Hadrian and PAMA are the main antagonists of an episodic installment in the first season.
    • Ivor is not particularly evil and actually cares for the safety of others, though he did commit evil acts that still counted him as a villain. However, midway through, he redeemed himself and worked alongside Jesse.
    • The Wither Storm(s) show no signs of malicious personalities (or possibly any personality), aside from being cataclysmic, seemingly mindless monsters; however, they, too, also committed evil acts that still counted them as villains (although they may not have even known it).
    • Soren was a treacherous individual who betrayed Jesse and his or her gang to survive the Wither Storm attack but was shown to be saddened when Ellegard/Magnus died.
    • Aiden was a fame-seeking brat and a sociopathic bully, although he can actually be redeemed and will show remorse for his actions if showed mercy. However, even if Jesse doesn't save him, Aiden still feels remorse for his actions.
    • The White Pumpkin was a serial killer, but in the end, she finally saw the error of her ways. As well as that, she genuinely loves and cares for her pet cat, Winslow, and isn't heinous enough compared to Aiden who had fewer resources.
    • Romeo was shown to be truly evil and much worse than the Wither Storm(s) and wanted Jesse to be on his side and did horrendous, petty efforts to force people to be friends with him. He was shown to use his powers for his own sadistic pleasure. However, another Admin, named Fred, wrote that Romeo just wanted to keep him and Xara together, more than anything, and Fred even considered him as a friend. Romeo even felt remorse after killing Fred, and eventually redeems himself.
    • The Warden, like Hadrian, enjoys torture and giving out unethical orders. However, unlike Hadrian, who is a cheater, the Warden does have a slight redeeming quality of being honorable, as he promised Romeo he would keep Xara from escaping the Sunshine Institute, and would even kill himself in order to do it.
    • Hadrian, however, is a sadistic, power-hungry tyrant that keeps the competitors from dying, therefore leaving them trapped as slaves forever, with absolutely no sympathy for them, even enjoying their suffering, while showing no redeeming traits whatsoever. He has no known motives for his evil aside from purely entertaining himself. While in these ways, he is similar to his right-hand woman, Mevia, she isn't as outwardly manipulative and dishonest as he is.
      • On top of that, he even kidnaps innocent people from their homeworlds (or orders Mevia to do so) and makes false promises to give his victims false hope. No matter what Jesse's choices are, Hadrian will always remain evil.

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