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We are the Ten Hades Gods. We have appeared to pass judgement on those who defy god.
~ Dagon announcing the Infershia Pantheon and their main goal to the public.
" S-Sphinx...The power of darkness...isn't absolute?! I..."
~ Hades Wise God Dagon's final words before his death. Referencing the previous conversion and subject on absolute power with Sphinx.

Hades Wise God Dagon is the leader of the Infershia Pantheon and one of the most powerful foes of the Magirangers. He is a fanatic to Absolute Hades God N Ma and desires to see the power of his darkness be released. Dagon serves as the secondary antagonist of the third arc in Mahou Sentai Magiranger.

He is played by Akio Otsuka.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • While seeming at first to be completely loyal to N Ma he is merely fanatical to the movement of darkness he started rather than the parasite itself.
  • When Hades God Ifrit broke his own rules ruthlessly murdered him for that one small factor with no remorse; taking a life all in the name of religion.
  • Was a complete hypocrite as even though after killing the aforementioned Hades God he disciplined another one called Ultimate Hades God Drake, when searching for Blagel to find N Ma's soul he brought many Gods to help him on the hunt even though it was the time of judgement. Of which only one God should be deployed at a time to bring chaos to Earth in order to revive the parasite.
  • Had Blagel battered into a coma just so N Ma's soul could be retrieved.
  • After Hades God Titan had deserted Infershia to redeem as a pacifist while resting peacefully , Dagon hunted him down and sadistically killed him. All while telling him his hunt was over, so his body could be offered to N Ma as a vessel.
  • Along with Ultimate God Sleipnir, Dagon hunted Sphinx and even temporarily killed her to remove another loose end.
  • Tortured Miyuki and brought her to Infershia so he could show her the true power of darkness.
  • Overall supported the Hell on Earth campaign by N Ma.
  • This was displayed where he rejected redemption from Sphinx to side with Courage.
  • Doubted Darkness at his death showing he could care less about the Absolute God.


  • He is one of two Pure Evils in Mahou Sentai Magiranger, along with his master N Ma.
  • He is Pure Evil, while his Power Rangers counterpart Sculpin isn't yet approved and arguably less evil.

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