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I am the Night Fury killer. I've hunted every last one, but yours.
~ Grimmel telling Hiccup what happened to all of the Night Furies.
You wish dragons to be free, among us, like equals? A toxic notion, my boy. History has shown that we are the superior species. What if your misguided ideas were to spread? It would be the undoing of civilization as we know it.
~ Grimmel about dragons.

Grimmel the Grisly is one of the two overarching antagonists (alongside Red Death) of the DreamWorks animated How to Train Your Dragon franchise.

He is a devious and ruthless dragon hunter who believed that all dragons should be eradicated and won the reputation of a hero by driving the Night Fury race to near extinction, leaving Toothless the last Night Fury in existence. He has his eyes set on Toothless and will stop at nothing to hunt him down, putting him in conflict with Hiccup and Berk along the way, which later cemented him as the greatest threat they faced. He is Hiccup's and Toothless' third and final archenemy they've ever faced, as well as Hiccup's most hated foe.

He was voiced by F. Murray Abraham, who also played Cyrus Kriticos in Thir13en Ghosts.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

In General

  • While he believed that humans and dragons cannot co-exist and that therefore, all dragons have to be wiped out from the world to make it a better place by killing off all dragons, despite being aware that they are sapient, this belief is ultimately only by his twisted standards, as he was willing to terrorize Berk to lure them to another island so he could kill off their dragons, as well as luring the Dragon Riders into a trap so he could burn them alive; that's also not to mention that he follows the idea that mankind is the superior species.
  • His genocide of the Night Furies, while not shown on screen, can't be dismissed as usual offscreen villainy since it has a clear story impact, mainly because:
    1. The reason why he is after Toothless is that he wants to finish the Night Fury genocide he started all those years ago.
    2. The genocide on Night Furies is the reason why the Book of Dragons by Berk had no information on the Night Furies because only Grimmel was able to experience Night Furies with his own eyes and killed them all before any other person can witness them. This leads to Hiccup trying to figure out how he can approach Toothless and figure out his strengths and weaknesses himself.
    3. It is shown that Toothless was unaware of his abilities to extend the spines along his back for maneuverability or to cloak himself. This implies that most, if not all other Night Furies had been killed off by the time Toothless had hatched from his egg, leaving none to educate the young dragon on his 'hidden' abilities.
    4. It should be noted that Toothless' parents were victims of his genocide, as he is responsible for the extinction of the Night Fury race. This meant that Toothless didn't even know the extent of his abilities. This also leads to Grimmel's downfall as he underestimated how powerful Toothless is, as he didn't know Night Furies can cloak by summoning lightning/electricity from an electric storm when they absorb its plasma energy.
    5. The Night Fury genocide had an impact in the Dragons: Race to the Edge episode "A Matter of Perspective" because no Night Fury was able to enter Vanaheim as Grimmel killed them all and Toothless was the first Night Fury to enter the sacred resting place of all dragons, which gave the Dragon Riders an advantage they used to escape. Vanaheim is where dragons must go to the tomb for each of their species at the time they die. There is no tomb for Night Furies, likely because Grimmel wiped them out.
  • Unlike other villains, Grimmel was the only villain to succeed with very few resources, as while Johann did the same, unlike Grimmel, he didn't succeed the first time in destroying Berk and driving its people elsewhere.


  • He killed a Night Fury in its sleep when he first met it instead of befriending it or killing it in a fair fight, leading to his tribe hailing him a hero. As a result, he plotted to wipe out all dragons, starting with the Night Furies.
  • He was successful in his Night Fury genocide and the only reason why he didn't kill Toothless is that he did not know the latter was sheltered with Hiccup, and when he learned about his existence, he was desperate to kill him. While most other villains in the franchise also attempted genocide on dragons, all of them were barely successful as none of them managed to bring an entire species of dragons into near-extinction with only one dragon living, which makes Grimmel's genocide uniquely vile for the franchise's Heinous Standards and stands out compared to other genocidal villains like Johann, Viggo Grimborn, etc.
  • He was planning to dispose of the brainwashed Deathgrippers once he killed all dragons in the world as his only use for them was that of enforcers, and given their brainwashed states, they would have been unable to defend themselves. This showed he has no care for them and views them only as living tools instead of living creatures. He only showed a hint of shock that both Hiccup and Toothless manage to defeat the remaining 4 or he witness Toothless hidden ability that he didn't account for or even seen before, despite his years of hunting Night Furies to a near-extinction. Even if he did care for them his delusion nature would no doubt blame Toothless and Hiccup even though Grimmel was more responsible than they are. A possible reason why he only showed a hint of shock was that as he mocked the Hairy Hooligan Tribe earlier that they are nothing without their dragons, he knows that he is also nothing without his dragons.
  • He drugged the Deathgrippers into obedience against their will using their venom against them, knowing they are not immune to their venom. He also doesn't care if the venom has other effects on them. He does this using the venomous drug needles into the collars he put on his Deathgrippers, which include multiple drug needles.
  • He feeds the Deathgrippers baby dragons he imprisoned, evidenced by the fact that one baby dragon was caged and he was intending to feed it to his Deathgrippers. Once he gave Ruffnut said the baby dragon, he mentions that "the Deathgrippers will have to forgo dinner".

Dragons: Dawn of New Riders

  • He created a partnership with the future warlord Eir Stormheart, who only knew him as an anonymous trapper with the initial "G". Their dealership was that he gives her dozens of dragons for her to use against their will so that she could put them through experiments to her advantage, while she gives him a drug that can brainwash dragons for him to use to his advantage. Grimmel then conducts the experiments on her which agonizes them and drives them insane.
  • He was aware of the extreme psychological torture that all of these dragons would be put through because of these experiments, and they were also given armor to keep them under a constant state of agony and insanity to be used as shock soldiers, which itself is a fate worse than death.
  • He betrayed Stormheart despite their deal and conducted these torturous experiments himself on other dragons for them to be used as his shock soldiers.
  • After the Chimeragon that he captured was released from him by a scholar at Scriven Rock who found the dragon, Grimmel had his hunters burn down the sanctuary that Hiccup built for said Chimeragon as well as other dragons.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

  • When the Warlords hired him to kidnap Toothless and bring him to them, Grimmel accepted it by killing one of their captured dragons (onscreen), a Rumblehorn, when it tried to escape.
  • He releases the Light Fury, but only so he can set up an unseen trap for Toothless and the Light Fury while they are introducing each other. Along with the trap was a poison dart filled with Deathgripper venom, which is used to drug dragons.
  • While it is implied he had some respect for Stoick the Vast, Hiccup's father, because both of them agreed on the danger that the dragons represented, though Grimmel was oblivious that Stoick later changed his opinion. When he is called out by Hiccup for sitting in Stoick's chair, instead of showing any signs of remorse, he simply smirks at Hiccup. This shows he was only mocking Hiccup and the fact that Stoick choose a foolish decision that lead to his death, even though Stoick died protecting his son from Drago Bludvist. Alternatively, he shredded any respect he had for Stoick once he became aware that Stoick changed his mind about dragons.
  • He sneaks into Hiccup's house and has several of his Deathgrippers burn it down and more areas of Berk, threatening that if Toothless is not surrendered, then he will destroy everything he loves. It's shown that at least four other houses were burned down with more of Berk being burnt, and in a deleted scene, Valka and Astrid flew over Berk and saw that Grimmel burnt it to the ground. This is a feat that even Johann failed to do. Because of his attack on Berk, the Hooligan Tribe are forced to leave the island they called home and search for a new one, which was done to have the tribe abandon their position by leading them astray so he could more easily slaughter their dragons.
  • He abuses his Deathgrippers in many ways as he stuffed an apple on one of his Deathgripper’s tusks while explaining to the Warlords where Toothless might of went. In another scene, after he kidnaps Ruffnut, he threw a pencil at his Deathgrippers which almost hit one of them in the head.
  • When Valka and Cloudjumper were flying back to Berk to make sure that they were not being followed Grimmel had his Deathgrippers ambushed them but they managed to escape because he allowed them. Although he called off two of his Deathgrippers from chasing Valka and Cloudjumper this was only so he can lure them into a trap later on.
  • When the Dragon Riders attempt to apprehend Grimmel, he leads them into a trap where he signals his Deathgrippers on them so that they would burn alive through their flaming acid breath.
  • Upon finding out about New Berk because of everything Ruffnut told him, Grimmel lets her leave while riding on a large baby dragon to fly over to New Berk and uses her dimwittedness to track her to the island's location as she didn't know he and the Warlords' fleet were following her to round up the dragons.
  • When he arrives at New Berk, he chains both Toothless and the Light Fury, with the other dragons and their riders watching in fear. Grimmel gives Toothless a sadistic choice between calling the other dragons to help him and the Light Fury, and Grimmel killing the Light Fury, or he doesn't call the other dragons for help, and Grimmel letting the Light Fury live, and gives off said threat while pointing his crossbow at the Light Fury. It was due to Grimmel's threat that Toothless, fearing the Light Fury's life, holds off the other dragons to show he chooses the latter option, but Grimmel was likely planning to kill the Light Fury anyway later on due to his delusions about killing dragons.
  • He betrays the Warlords, revealing his true intentions to kill Toothless instead of surrendering him to them as he promised. If he did succeed then this would result in killing Toothless he’ll finish his Night Fury genocide and result in the dragons fighting each other for the Alpha title.
  • When he noticed Hiccup and the dragon riders coming towards them on their flight suits he attempted to kill the Light Fury and Toothless out of spite but Toothless manage to get his mouth open and attempt to blast him. While he narrowly escape the plasma blast he made no intentions to free his Deathgrippers who were chained to it. As a result, only two of them died while being chained to it and the other two were released by Toothless’ plasma attacks.
  • During the chaos he sent two of his Deathgrippers to attack one of the Warlord's ships, killing everyone that was on the ship.
  • He brainwashes the Light Fury into his control with one of his venom darts, attempted to use her to destroy New Berk, and even uses her as a living shield to make her take Toothless' blast instead of him.
  • During his final battle he lured Hiccup and Toothless into a gorge where it bought enough time for his remaining four Deathgrippers to finish them off. This would have succeeded if Toothless didn't discover his cloaking ability by summoning lightning, which resulted in the deaths of his remains four Deathgrippers.
  • When he spotted Hiccup and Toothless charging at him, he shot his Deathgripper arrow at Hiccup, knowing Hiccup would dodge it and it will hit Toothless.
  • In his final moments and knowing he is going to die, he tries to kill Hiccup after the latter knocks him off the Light Fury, grabbing his prosthetic leg to take him down with him, even angrily tearing off Hiccup's flight suit armor wings and other parts of his armor along the way to ensure his demise. However, the Light Fury came to save Hiccup and Hiccup distracts his prosthetic leg, resulting in Grimmel's death.
  • The threat Grimmel posed was the last straw and was what motivated Hiccup to have the dragons hide in the Hidden World from humans to avoid attracting bigger threats for both Berk and the dragons themselves. He also had the last laugh as all dragons from other tribes including the ones from the TV series relocated to the Hidden World. This includes some of the Dragon Rider's allies like Thornado (Stoick's Thunderdrum and first dragon), some of the Berserker Tribe dragons like Shattermaster (Dagar's Gronckle), Windshear (Heather's Razorwhip), and Sleuther (Dagur's Triple Stryke), and the Defenders of the Wing's dragon the Great Protector (who eats their volcano lava to protect them).
  • Ultimately, Grimmel's dark desire for a world without dragons has all but come true, with dragons having been largely forgotten or regarded as a myth by most humans 1,300 years later. Because of this, the series' protagonists fear that if the dragons are rediscovered by humans, this could place their lives in danger.


  • Despite Drago Bludvist arguably being more powerful and having much more resources than Grimmel by having a vast army consisting of humans and dragons (that to his Bewilderbeast is by far his most powerful dragon and Grimmel only has 6 dragons and an airship and a bunch of weapons), Drago is arguably less evil than Grimmel, mainly because he has a formerly tragic backstory about his family being killed by dragons, which made him a villain in the first place, despite said tragedy is weak in the grand scheme of things. On the other hand, Grimmel never had a tragic backstory at all and he killed a bunch of Night Furies only for fame and glory.
    • It is theorized that due to him being older than Drago, he made his Deathgrippers destroy villages, one of them might have been Drago Bludvist's, which lead him to be driven by revenge, making him responsible for Drago's descent to villainy and indirectly responsible for most of the events of the franchise. If this is true, this would make Grimmel even worse.
    • In turn, it could be theorized too that the Red Death was partially responsible for turning Grimmel into the villain he turned out to be, as her sending her dragons to attack and raid villages may have led Grimmel to resent dragons enough to hunt them down into extinction. Although it could be noted that the Red Death only targeted Berk.
  • Grimmel is technically considered to be an evil version of Hiccup, serving as an example of what Hiccup would have become if he had killed Toothless the first time they met, and how he would have desired to kill all dragons rather than save them.
    • Grimmel is also considered to be an evil representation of what Hiccup could have turned out to be if he had killed Toothless in the first film and went down a path of Pure Evil instead of sparing him and going down a path of Pure Good.
    • Grimmel is also one of the rare few Pure Evil villains to be a representation of what a Pure Good could be if they had done an immoral act had they not reformed their corrupting qualities from it and rejected the good offer that could've made them Pure Good.
  • In the original trailer for How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Grimmel was seen leaning on and petting one of his Deathgrippers with some manner of affection, possibly indicating that he was going to care for his Deathgrippers. In the film itself, however, this doesn't happen and Grimmel just sees his dragons as living tools. Had this concept been kept in the finished film, it could have prevented Grimmel from being Pure Evil, making him Near Pure Evil instead.
  • WickedBinge ranked him as not only the evilest HTTYD villain but also DreamWorks Animation's evilest villain to date.
  • It is implied that he also wiped nearly all the Light Furies, a species of dragons that is similar to the Night Furies, to near extinction as there are only a few of them in the Hidden World and this would explain The Light Fury's hostility to Hiccup at the beginning of the film. It is also implied by Ragnar the Rock that he might have used the Light Furies as bait to lure other dragons into his traps. If this was confirmed, this only makes him worse.

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