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NOTE: This page is only about his novel incarnation as the original film incarnation of the Green Goblin was not voted Pure Evil, and thus only the novel version of the Goblin's info and crimes should be put here.

We’ll eliminate your rivals. OsCorp will become the most powerful military supplier in history. You’ll have limitless wealth. Presidents and kings will court your favor. So don’t be shy. Take what you’ve always wanted. Power. The weak will serve you. The world will be yours and mine. Yes. You and I, we can have a hell of a time.
~ The Goblin making an offer to Norman.

The Green Goblin, publicly known as Norman Osborn, is the main antagonist of Peter David's novelization of the 2002 superhero blockbuster film Spider-Man and the posthumous overarching antagonist of its sequel novelizations, based on 2004's Spider-Man 2 and 2007's Spider-Man 3.

He is a villainous alternate personality of the renowned scientist Norman Osborn, who is created when Norman injects himself an enhancing yet untested formula to increase his physical abilities in a desperate attempt to save his company. However, the Green Goblin develops within his mind as a result of that, leading the Goblin to convince his host to work together so they can get rid of his enemies, gain power and be worshipped as a god. He is Spider-Man's archenemy and the only foe of his who keeps haunting him after his defeat.

While Norman Osborn's moral agency is questionable in the original film, the novelization by Peter David clarifies that the Green Goblin persona is a separate entity within his psyche. While his film counterpart's moral agency was clarified onscreen when he returned in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Green Goblin failed the MCU's Heinous Standards. However, David's novelization of the 2002 film has different standards to those shown in the films, as no novelization of No Way Home, at least one written by David, has been published.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Murders Dr. Mendel Stromm, a loyal fellow employee at OsCorp, upon his creation when Norman Osborn tested the Goblin Serum on himself just because Stromm tried to stop the experiment that resulted in his "birth".
  • The very moment the Green Goblin's born, the narration states he views himself as a "dark god" and the "shepherd" to everyone else's "sheep", planning to make every other person on the entire planet both fear and worship him, just so he could slaughter them out of sadism. This makes him worse than the movie counterpart, as something like this was never stated in the movie.
  • Sadistically murders General Slocum and some Quest Aerospace employees just because Slocum rejected Norman from his own chain of power. While Slocum may have done that to ruin Norman out of spite, the Quest employees had done nothing to be killed.
  • Kills all board members of OsCorp, including Maximillian Fargas and Henry Balkan, during the World Unity Festival because they decided to kick Norman out of his own company by throwing them a Pumpkin Bomb which pulverizes them. He also endangers Norman's son Harry and Mary Jane Watson during the event.
  • During his conversation with Norman, he makes his hegemonic intentions clear.
  • Tries to make Spider-Man join him in his goal of wrecking chaos and death non-stop in New York City because of their powers and superiority over normal people. He also makes it clear that if he doesn't join him, he'll cause countless deaths until he dies.
  • Sets a building on fire just to notify Spider-Man about his proposal, endangering many lives (including that of a baby Spider-Man rescued). He then engages Spidey in a brief fight where he injures him with a Razor Bat.
  • Blows up the Parker residence to scare the elderly May Parker and forced her to finish praying just to enjoy her terror, leading May to suffer a panic attack and be hospitalized as a result.
  • Kidnaps MJ from her home, brought her to the Queensboro Bridge, and then threatened Spider-Man to choose between saving her or a dozen children with their parents inside a cable car from falling to their deaths, just to prove his point that a hero can't do the right thing at the right moment.
  • Subjects Spider-Man to a vicious beating in an abandoned building and promises him to make MJ's death slow and painful, just like his.
  • Even after Spider-Man stops beating him, by summoning Norman, he tricks Spider-Man into forgiving him just to then use his own glider to stab him from behind.
  • While the film itself leaves ambiguous whether the Green Goblin persona is an alternate personality or just Norman Osborn believing to have one to excuse his crimes, the novelization confirms that the Green Goblin is a separate entity within Norman's psyche and feels no care for his host. This is evidenced because:
    • Even though he shares the same body with Norman, the Goblin actually forces him into his subconscious to let him do whatever he wants, with it being confirmed Norman is completely conscious and unable to do anything when this is happening, like when the Goblin murdered Stromm, even though he gets amnesia afterwards.
    • Threatens Harry and MJ during the World Unity Festival even though the former is Norman's son.
    • When Norman realizes what his alternate personality does, he tries to call the police to surrender himself, but the Goblin persuades him to not do so by promising him power, wishing to be seen as a god.
    • Despite Norman's refusal to hurt Peter due to liking him like another son, the Goblin manipulates him into joining him by claiming Peter was using him the whole time and manipulating him into forgetting about Harry, and by deciding they will be going for "his heart", which involved hurting his loved ones.
    • In his final moments, he lets Norman out of his subconscious so he can impale Spider-Man with his glider, which ends up with Spider-Man surviving the attempt on his life and both the Goblin and Norman dying upon being skewered by the glider's blades.
  • Indirectly drives Harry into villainy from beyond the grave, which resulted in Harry alienating his friends and trying to kill Peter for a while before making amends with them and eventually sacrificing himself to save Peter from Venom.
  • Unlike his film counterpart, this version of the Green Goblin never crosses directly into the MCU, so he doesn't have to be compared with other villains there. Thus, this version of the Green Goblin meets the Heinous Standards of his continuity, making him qualify as Pure Evil.


  • Only his book version counts as Pure Evil, while his film version doesn't because upon his return in Spider-Man: No Way Home, while it was similarly confirmed that the Goblin is a separate entity within Norman Osborn's mind, he crossed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thus failing its Heinous Standards even if he didn't fail those of the Raimiverse.
    • That said, the film version could have barely qualified due to him destroying the Macchina di Kadavus, which nearly fractured the Multiverse and forced Doctor Strange to cast a spell that made everyone forget about Peter Parker, but as nothing onscreen confirms he knew the consequences his actions were going to brought down, it was an unintentional heinous act, so it doesn't count.
      • Taking this into account, if some novelization of No Way Home written by David were to feature this version of the Green Goblin, then that would strip the Green Goblin of his Pure Evil status.
  • He is one of the two versions of the Green Goblin to be Pure Evil, alongside The Spectacular Spider-Man version.

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