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Welcome friends. Thanks to all our hard work, Oceania's nearly up and running. Now, while most folks believe Oceania's just another theme park, we know better. Fact of the matter is it's not to nice out there anymore. Crime, hatred, violence. Things keep going on like that, it could mean the end of civilization. That's why I decided to build a city where good folks can live in peace. A new...Garden of Eden you might say, from which a new race of people can spring. Now of course you can't have spring without a little winter, about 5 years of it I'd say. Now don't anybody worry, we'll all be warm as toast in here. As for those folks outside, well...it's sad, but I'm only speeding up what they were doing to themselves.
~ Walker revealing his plan to freeze the world.
Walker: My world will have no crime, violence, or pain.
Robin: You can add free will to that list, too!
Walker: A small price to pay for order.
Your order. For your select few!
Walker: Excuse me, but I fail to see the problem with that.
~ Walker revealing his true selfishness to Batman and Robin.

Grant Walker is the main antagonist of the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Deep Freeze".

He is a theme park mogul who became famous and wealthy for creating theme parks, but wanting to live forever and rule the world, he opts to break Mr. Freeze out of prison to aid him in in his plan in exchange for saving his wife Nora. Despite just making one appearance in the show, Walker managed to stand out in comparison to other one-shot villains due to his megalomania and obsessive ego, being willing to freeze the whole Earth so he could rule his theme park Oceania as an immortal tyrant to satisfy his god complex.

He was voiced by the late Dan O'Herlihy, who also played Conal Cochran in Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Attempted to freeze Gotham City, and then the entire world, with a huge replica of Mr. Freeze's cold gun, because he considered the world to be "too corrupt and cruel" to survive and because it didn't fit his vision of the perfect tyrannical utopia he desired to rule in his theme park Oceania.
  • Had one of his robots break Mr. Freeze out from Arkham Asylum against his will, even if that also meant attacking the security guards.
  • Blackmailed Mr. Freeze into replicating the accident that transformed him with his cryogenically-frozen wife Nora, despite Freeze's warnings that being frozen and immortal wasn't as good as it sounded. And while he may have planned to honor his bargaining, it's hinted that he wished for both of them to be his servants indefinitely.
  • Tried to kill Batman and Robin with a torpedo.
  • While he intended to spare some of his followers so they would be the only survivors of humanity (as well as restore Nora to health), he just brought those he considered "worthy" of his ideal vision of a good world and didn't inform them about his nigh-genocidal plans (much to the distraught of some of them), demonstrating a total lack of care for his followers' families and acquaintances.
  • Didn't show any remorse for all the people who would die due to his plans, dismissing his actions as "just bringing forward the inevitable".
  • Though he claims that his actions will make the world a better place, Batman realizes that he doesn’t really intend to do so.
  • After breaking himself from the ice as depicted in The Batman Adventures comics, he kidnapped several Wayne Enterprises scientists so they could cure him from Freeze's lethal condition, intending to kill them once cured and then resume his scheme to wipe out the human race.
  • Grant Walker lacks any excuse for his delusional and ruthless actions. Despite being right that the world isn't perfect, he has no authority to decide who should die and who should live nor the right to rule over people against their will with the pretext of doing it for the "greater good". In some ways, Walker is an example of what Victor Fries could have become if he had truly been dead to emotions and lacked compassion like the theme park mogul, the "Mr. Freeze" alias being much more appropriate for Walker rather than Fries.
  • Though lacking in resources and power like those of other Pure Evil villains like Brainiac and Darkseid, Walker definitely stands out due to his willingness to freeze the Earth just to create his own fantasy of a perfect world.


  • Grant Walker is, alongside Granny Goodness, one of the two DC Animated Universe villains to qualify as Pure Evil based on his actions in the tie-in comic books in addition to his appearance in the television show he appeared in, as all the other DCAU Pure Evils, even other one-shots, qualify based on their actions in the shows.
  • Grant Walker is, alongside the Joker, one of the two Batman: The Animated Series villains to be Pure Evil.

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