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Goku Black, also known as the Crimson Masked Saiyan, is a major antagonist in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, serving as the main antagonist of the New Space-Time War Saga.

He is a version of Goku Black who escaped his death in the main timeline after having been informed about it by Fu and then traveled to 99 different timelines to battle and kill those versions of Goku. He would then began killing mortals in the Pseudo Universe, using his energy to create them, intending to eradicate all mortals in Universe 7 without Zen-Oh, being able to intervene thanks to the Pseudo Universe and Universe 7 being tied together.

He was voiced by Masako Nozawa.

What Make Him Pure Evil?

  • This is basically the same Goku Black from the timeline, so presumably at least he must have committed most of his crimes, especially killing Goku and his family after stealing his body as well as killing his mentor Gowasu.
  • Upon learning of his eventual defeat thanks to Fu, Goku Black traveled to 99 timelines, where he murdered all Goku in that timeline before erasing those deadly lifelines. This makes him the only villain in the entire series who managed to kill the protagonist so many times.
  • Upon entering the pseudo universe, he uses the Dark Dragon Balls on Frieza and Cooler to attack Goku and Hearts, after seeing that they were considering joining them to escape the pseudo universe.
  • He has massacred countless mortals both in the pseudo universe and in the main one.
  • Destroy the pseudo planet in order to kill Goku, Vegeta, Hearts and Cumber, only failing to kill them due to the intervention of Cell and Turles. In addition, he manages to successfully kill Turles himself.
  • He forced many mortals to fight each other just to be able to collect their energies and thus create false mortals.
  • It is revealed that, in the end, once enough mortals are created, he will eradicate them all so that the mortals of the main universe are also killed, thus completing his zero mortal plan to achieve his own twisted vision of justice.
  • He almost succeeds in killing the hooded warrior.
  • In general, this version of Black is possibly even worse than his original counterpart, since his original version did not kill so many Gokus or destroy the planets when he eradicated mortals from said planets, unlike this Black who, by his dialogue to the destroy the pseudo planet, it had already destroyed numerous planets before.


  • Alongside his original counterpart and Future Zamasu, this version of Zamasu is one of three versions of Zamasu to be Pure Evil and thus the only Dragon Ball villain to have multiple Pure Evil incarnations.


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