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Fine! That's the way you want it? Story's over. Welcome to the end.
~ Chuck at the end of Season 14, before bringing the end of reality.
Villains get all the best lines.
~ Chuck accepting who he truly is.

God, also mostly known by his alias Chuck Shurley, is the overarching antagonist of the Supernatural franchise. He is the arch-nemesis of Sam and Dean Winchester.

He appears as a recurring character in Season 4-5, a cameo character in Season 10, a major character in Season 11, the final antagonist of Season 14, and the main antagonist of Season 15, which is also the series' final season.

Unlike the original version who was rather benevolent, this version is a big egotist, creating the universes, the archangels, the angels, Earth, the other planets, and humans just to boost his own ego rather than for goodness.

He is portrayed by Rob Benedict.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?


  • Created the multiverse and manipulated it to create the "perfect" stories using the Winchester brothers, i.e, he will have them suffer endlessly, for his own amusement. If the stories didn't please him, he will abandon them.
  • Banished Lucifer to a cage in Hell where he is strung up and tied to a wall because he refused to bow to humans, and while it may seem like a good act, it isn't anymore as he shows no remorse for it when he himself grows disdainful to humans and sought to cause the mass extermination Lucifer wanted to do in the first place.
  • Killed multiple Nephilim as he thought they will grow more powerful than him and kill him eventually.
  • Wiped out most of the Hellhounds but one as he believed that they grew savage when creating them out of "benevolence".
  • Created the Pagan deities, gods of the elements, to be scapegoats for any unfortunate events that occurred or to serve as "epic" stories. He then forgot about them due to his ego when he favored monotheistic religions, where only he alone is worshiped, to boost his ego.
  • Had people who are devoted to him be ascended to Heaven, no matter what crimes they did, or the sins they did, out of his ego. So if a vile Catholic that committed all the 7 sins worshipped him, he is able to ascend into Heaven, but when a good atheist dies, he won't.
  • Abandoned everyone and everything he created after Lucifer sneaks into Eden and corrupts humanity out of sheer disappointment.

Season 14

  • Gives Dean a powerful gun called the Equalizer and orders him to use it to kill Jack Kline, Sam tells him to stop this and is disgusted when he notices that God is gleefully watching the scenario.
  • When Dean refuses to kill Jack, God confronts him and tells him to play his role, revealing his true nature. The Winchesters begin to realize that he has been toying with their whole lives and has manipulated most events in the series for his own amusement. Angered by this, the two brothers openly defy him, God responds by saying "Have it your way" and smites Jack himself.
  • Enraged by the Winchesters' defiance, God spitefully plunges the world into chaos, and opens a rupture to Hell, unleashing all kinds of evil spirits into the world.

Season 15

  • It's revealed he had Kevin Tran — a Prophet and friend of the Winchesters — sent to Hell instead of Heaven as he promised him.
  • Kills unnamed masseuse to show Amara that he's behind her.
  • Erases his ex-girlfriend Beck Rosen and her family out of existence.
  • Makes Winchester brothers in different universes kill each other.
  • Resurrects Lilith to retrieve the Equalizer.
  • Murders everyone in a casino except a waitress who he keeps to serve him drinks.
  • Traps Sam and Eileen in the casino. God ties Sam to a chair and forces Eileen to remove the bullet on Sam's shoulder against her will.
  • Makes Winchester brothers normal to make them suffer.
  • Visits a Radio Shed in Earth-2, where he rants and decides to wipe the slate clean by destroying the multiverse, sparing the main universe for the last.
  • When he gets bored of watching the destruction of the multiverse and decides to leave Earth 2, the Radio Shed employee who had served him food and drinks for weeks asks if he will spare them, God reassures the man that everything will be ''fine'' before leaving and calling down a rain of meteors to destroy Earth 2.
  • Convinces his sister Amara to merge with him by psychologically manipulating her, bringing him to full power.
  • Wipes out all humans and animals on Earth, except Sam, Dean, and Jack. Intending for them to suffer on a lifeless planet forever.
  • Spares one dog just to give Dean false hope before erasing it too.
  • Resurrects Lucifer from the Empty to get his Dead Book for him.
  • When God meets Michael, who betrays the Winchesters to become his favorite again, he tells him that while he appreciates the "heads up", he can't forgive him for siding with the Winchesters and when Michael pleads, God kills him without hesitation for his earlier betrayal.
  • He finally confronts the Winchesters, saying "And, you two. You know, eternal suffering sounds good on paper, but as a viewing experience, it's just kinda... eh. So, we're done. I'm canceling your show." and is about to smite the two before he decides to get his hands dirty and brutally beats them, breaking their bones. He then turns his attention to Jack and tries to smite him again before realizing that Jack has been absorbing all of his powers, which turns out to be the Winchesters' real plan to defeat him.


  • Initially God was nowhere as evil in the early run of the show, being seen as more of an overarching hero with many interpretations of His morality was aligned with being in the grey zone being his likely category. That all changed when Dean and Sam became defiant to his orders which in return, He responded in fury that caused destruction to everyone who had nothing to do with the Winchester brothers' defiance. So had Supernatural ended with Season 5, like initially planned, God would not have been considered a villain, never mind a Pure Evil.
  • God is one of the rarest Pure Evils who used to have a page about themselves on the Heroes Wiki, until it was removed due to his PE status.

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