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See that light? It's a human town. A vile and cursed light. In that town... are adventurers. They attacked our nest! Killed us! Left us with nothing! It is their light! Now we shall destroy their nest! And they shall know! AND SHALL DIE! Skewer them alive! Make others bewail their fate! Make the women breed! And then feed their children their flesh! We shall raze their town! AND BUILD A GOBLIN KINGDOM! First... we take the farm to the east. There, we eat their livestock, use their women to build our numbers. There, we prepare to attack. Perhaps the adventurers have gotten wind of us and shall meet us there. But we outnumber them! We are an army! Mere adventurers will not stop us! Look alive! And bring them down!
~ Goblin Lord's speech to his army.

Goblin Lord is a major antagonist in the light novel, manga and anime series Goblin Slayer. He appears as the main antagonist on Volume 1 of the novels and also the final antagonist of the anime's first season.

Unlike other Goblins who are mostly wild and irrational beasts who simply attack humans for their own pleasure and sexual urges, the Goblin Lord is the only known rational Goblin capable of leadership and plotting. As such, he is the only Goblin with grand schemes and intelligence to form a kingdom of Goblins where humans will be enslaved and exterminated.

He was voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue in Japanese and Jacob Browning in English.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He has proven to be heartless and evil since he was a child, as seen when, after his first ever fake crying, used to convince an adventurer to spare him, he mercilessly killed her by crushing her head and raping her immediately before she dies.
  • When he was outmatched by a barbarian, he had no problem in using a woman he already kidnapped and raped as a hostage, ending up tossing her against the barbarian and killing them both at once by impaling them with a spear. He even takes the barbarian's axe as a trophy and his personal weapon.
  • He uses deception to kill his enemies, especially women, and repays his enemies' mercy by killing and, in case they're women, rape them.
  • Killed and slaughtered thousands of people only for standing in his path, also proving to be extremely bloodthirsty.
  • Cares nothing for his own people, the Goblins, seeing them nothing as servants and seeing himself as absolutely superior to them, ultimately proving to be very selfish and uncaring, putting his own benefit upon everyone and everything else.
  • Mercilessly beat to near death an unconscious Goblin Slayer, only to beg him to spare his life through fake regrets, planning to kill him, only to scream in fear and panic after realizing that his deception was completely useless against the Goblin Slayer, who mercilessly kills him.
  • Although most goblins are chaotic by nature and do not have proper moral agencies despite not being entirely intelligent, the Goblin Lord is one of the rarest in his kind since he does have Moral Agency and can speak in proper human language.
  • Despite the immensely high standards in the series where most goblins rape and murder everywhere, the Goblin Lord is the only villain to have a confirmed kill count and is its own individual to his resources.

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