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Gleeman Vox is the main antagonist of Ratchet: Deadlocked.

He was a slademan, and the founder and owner of Vox Industries, the Vox Network and several other business ventures within the lawless Shadow Sector of the Solana Galaxy. One of his most notable achievements was DreadZone, an illegal combat sport that pitted heroes across the universe against his Exterminators (and other adversaries) for adoration of trillions of fans.

He was voiced by Michael Bell.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • While the hall of villainy proposes that the villains featured did not listen to their mothers, so too did Gleeman Vox not consider the fans of Dreadzone to be like his children.
  • He kidnaps dozens of superheroes, Ratchet included, forcing them into dangerous situations in order to promote his combat sport DreadZone. Sidekicks, such as Clank and Big Al, were abducted as well.
  • He keeps superheroes and their sidekicks securely imprisoned with deadlock collars that shock them if they go out of bounds, or explode if they do not co-operate or bore his audience.
  • He constantly abuses the test robots working under him, blowing up their heads to demonstrate the deadlock collars, and sends one to be disintegrated for selling Ratchet merchandise without his knowledge, even though Ratchet merchandise would most likely sell well.
  • He orders the anchors of Vox News to constantly slander Ratchet during his battles.
  • He abuses the star of his show, Ace Hardlight, for not being able to get merchandise in his name sold, threatening to have him replaced.
  • He uses children in a market experiment to find out why Ace's merchandise isn't selling, presenting his action figure to them amongst others, and electrocuting them for not choosing Ace.
  • On Stygia, a planet protected by a forcefield against asteroids, he disables the shield to use it as a battle course, joking about its inhabitants consequently dying.
  • When Ratchet rejects his offer to make him the star of the show, he forces him to run the Gauntlet of Doom, an experimental course that was apparently mathematically impossible to beat. This is mainly out of petty spite, due to the lost potential in DreadZone's further growth, but also to profit what he can from Ratchet before killing him, knowing he does not wish to comply.
  • He tries to capitalize on Ace's "death" by preying on the sympathy of his audience to sell his remaining merchandise, without a hint of grief.
  • He quickly catches on Ratchet's attempt to free the imprisoned contestants by rigging the battledome with timed explosives. He uses this as an opportunity to improve his ratings with an exciting new episode, not showing any regard to anyone on board. He places Ratchet under intense pressure to save everyone on the battledome, fans and prisoners included. He even places shock collars on the Vox News anchors.
  • Upon his defeat by Ratchet, he activates the timer on the rigged explosives as a last attempt to get back at them, believing that the last escape pod had gone.
  • While he appeared to care about his pet Slugha, petting her and taking her to his battle against Ratchet, he was still willing to let her die in the explosion of his battledome, and threw her at a wall earlier on.


  • He is one of the only six Pure Evils (alongside Chairman Drek, Emperor Otto Destruct, Dr. Nefarious, Klunk, Loki Master and Emperor Nefarious) of the Ratchet & Clank franchise.
  • The official Prima Guide for Ratchet: Deadlocked mentions that Vox had organized several rescue operations for Slughas, however it's not reflected in the game and it's unknown if he did so because he cared about the slughas' well-being or simply enjoyed keeping them as pets. If he truly cared for slughas, it would disqualify him as Pure Evil.

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