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I bring a warning, my emperor. Strangers from a distance realm come to challenge you. They may be here for the prisoner, and to defy your rule. [...] They must be destroyed. Show them your mind. Show them what happens to those who defy the emperor!
~ Vex manipulating the Ice Emperor.
Do it master! FINISH IT!
~ Vex ordering Zane to kill Lloyd, one of his own friends.

General Vex, also known as Vex the Formless is the main antagonist of the second half of the 11th season/Ice Chapter of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.

After leaving the Formling tribe due to believing they mocked him, Vex found Zane who had lost his memory. He would soon begin to manipulate him into believing he was the emperor of the Never-Realm, and that the throne was taken from him. Soon, he would use Zane to take over the Never-Realm and rule over it for many years to come.

He is voiced by Michael Kopsa.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Upon meeting Grimfax, he tried to convince him to attack his former tribe, the Formlings, claiming that they were plotting against him, solely due to his immense hatred for them.
  • He erased Zane's memories by unplugging him from the mech, making him lose all his memory.
  • After Zane lost his memory, Vex would immediately begin to manipulate him, feeding him lies into believing that he was the emperor of the Never-Realm and Grimfax had taken the throne from him. He then had Zane usurp the throne from Grimfax, brainwashing his men and ruling over the realm for decades.
  • Due to the power of Zane's Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, the entire realm would begin to grow colder and colder, with resources becoming more and more rare.
  • After manipulating Zane into believing that the Formlings were warmongers, Vex froze their entire village and most of the tribesmen. Kataru was captured during the attack and subsequently imprisoned in the dungeon of the Castle of Ice for several years.
  • At some point in time, the Ice Emperor would wipe out almost all the yetis in the Never-Realm, leaving Krag the last of his kind. Regardless of whether or not this was Zane's own decision or he was convinced by Vex to do so, it is still worth noting that Vex is still responsible in some way by making Zane who he was at that time.
  • On his advice, Zane ordered his Blizzard Samurai after the Ninja to kill them. Though he didn't know the Ninja were his former friends, it still horrible considering that Vex tried to have Zane kill the people he viewed as family.
  • Ordered an attack on the Great Lake village, resulting in its fire being extinguished temporarily, putting all of it's villagers at risk of dying.
  • Upon finding out Grimfax failed to eliminate the ninja, he ordered the Ice Emperor to punish him, nearly freezing him.
  • The Ice Emperor, still advised by him, would eventually freeze the entire Great Lake village.
  • When Lloyd attempts to get through to Zane, Vex continues to lie to him, while hypocrtically calling Lloyd a liar.
  • Before the Ice Emperor orders him to lock Lloyd in the dungeon instead, he tells him that he would kill Lloyd to make sure he wouldn't get in his way.
  • He attacked and captured both Grimfax and Kataru after they tried to help Lloyd stop the Ice Emperor, ordering them to be both locked in the dungeon.
  • He ordered Zane to kill Lloyd in order to finally to finally get anyone else who opposed him out of his way. When Zane failed to kill him, Vex would attempt to do it himself, taunting him about not being able to save his friends.
    • After Zane had finally regained his memories, Vex would attempt to kill both Lloyd and Zane, but fail.
  • Whenever he offers anyone mercy or alliance, it's purely for pragmatic reasons and he stays openly hostile to anyone who refuses his offer.
  • While it is implied he may have been insecure in the past as he believed his tribe mocked him for not achieving his animal form, by the time of the Ice Chapter, he seems to no longer care about his tribe one bit and to be completely shed of insecure traits, and it is confirmed that his tribe never actually mocked him.
    • Even if his tribe did actually mock him, it is worth noting that it would be too petty of an excuse to actually justify anything he would go onto doing, such as freezing countless people, manipulating Zane into becoming an evil tyrant temporarily, and wiping out almost all yetis in the Never-Realm.
    • It is also worth noting that his insecurity was never played for sympathy, so even if he was still insecure during the events of the Ice Chapter, it still would not be preventing.
  • Though the Ninjago franchise has a massive heinous standard, Vex stands out for starting off with rather low resources and manipulating arguably one of the show's most admirable protagonists into becoming a villain for the longest time, forcing him to do many horrible things.


  • Alongside Kalmaar and The Omega, Vex is one of the three villains from the Ninjago franchise to be Pure Evil.
    • He is also one of the five LEGO Pure Evils, alongside Makuta Teridax, Meca One, Omega, and Kalmaar.
  • Out of the three Ninjago Pure Evils, Vex started off with the lowest resources, as he was a self-exiled and unpowered member of the Formlings. He would only gain more after using Zane to usurper the throne.
  • Also of the three Ninjago Pure Evils, Vex is the only one so far who is confirmed to be still alive by the end of his arc, as Kalmaar was eaten alive by Wojira and the Omega's fate was left ambiguous. Vex on the other hand was simply banished into the Never-Realm's wastelands, presumably never to be seen again.

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