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De edo sud tovouk GENERAL SCALES! (Translation: No one can defeat GENERAL SCALES!)
~ General Scales.

General Scales is the central antagonist of Star Fox: Adventures. He is among the members of the SharpClaw Tribe who rose to power in order to achieve his goal of becoming a tyrannical leader, under the belief that he is the only one who is meant to rule the entire world of Sauria with the use of fear and brutality. His actions had caught the attention of the Cornerian Military and leads to the Star Fox team to investigate. Despite this, he was completely unaware that he was just a pawn to the greater evil who had promised him great power until it was far too late.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • General Scales had removed the Spell Stones, which have been crucial to keeping Sauria together; it resulted in the planet breaking apart.
  • Is heavily implied to have mortally wounded the EarthWalkers at the Krazoa Palace and left them to die.
  • He enslaved the innocent SnowHorns and forced them to work in the DarkIce Mines.
  • Scales mercilessly tortured Queen CloudRunner on the whereabouts of Fox McCloud, the very person who stands in his way.
  • He had Fox imprisoned and confiscated his staff, to prevent him from interfering further with his plans.
  • His brutal disposition has caused many of the dinosaurs including the SharpClaws to become deeply afraid of him, and Scales knew well he can use that fear to keep them in line, lest they face harsh punishment.
  • He released the RedEye Tribe and formed an alliance with them to conquer the world, which forced the EarthWalkers into hiding.
  • He had caused Dragon Rock to become contaminated by the unstable dark energy, turning it into a barren wasteland.

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