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Greetings, puny Earthers. I am General Lunaris of the vastly superior Planet Moon. For too long, my people have lived in fear of your Earth hanging in the sky. The time has come for the Earth to fear us. I now wish to speak to Scrooge McDuck. "Smarter than the smarties", eh? Heh. Perhaps on Earth. You've probably just realized that I've taken out your defenses. And you've retreated to the strength of your impenetrable "Money Bin". But as we all know your family is the greatest strength of all. Which is why I'm coming for them next. Lunaris... has arrived.
~ Lunaris' speech to the people of Earth.
If the Earthers won't live in fear of the Moon, then they'll DIE in fear of it! After I blow up the Earth, then YOU won't be a planet!
~ Lunaris announcing his intention to destroy the Earth by ramming his ship to the Earth's core

General Lunaris is a major antagonist in the 2017 reboot TV series DuckTales, serving as the main antagonist of Season 2, particularly serving as the overarching antagonist of "What Ever Happened To Della Duck?!", "The Golden Spear", and "Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!", as the unseen overarching antagonist of "The Richest Duck in the World!", and as the main antagonist of "What Ever Happened To Donald Duck?!" and the two-part season finale "Moonvasion!". He is also the posthumous overarching antagonist of Season 3.

He was voiced by Lance Reddick.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • The reason why he wanted to launch an invasion on Earth was because his father General Meridian feared Earth and kept his society hidden, but that doesn't mean he would honor his father by conquering Earth. It is also shown that he doesn't love his father, deeming him as a coward and not wanting to be like him.
  • He reveals his true nature when he frames Della Duck by shooting himself in the arm so he can motivate the Moonlanders to launch an invasion on Earth.
  • Unlike the other Moonlanders, he knows what he is doing is evil, but he still does it anyway.
  • He sentenced Donald to the gold mines for the rest of his life.
  • While he does give Penumbra the captain rank, it is not out of gratitude, but just to look good in front of his people, before eventually taking it away when she freed Donald and tried to stop his plan to invade Earth.
  • It's revealed later he has been planning an invasion of Earth long before Della arrived and only needed her for her rocket plans since his rocket wasn't working.
  • Does not at all care for the lives of the Moonlanders as he was willing to sacrifice them to achieve his goals.
  • Cruelly reveals to Donald that he intends to target the children first, either by ordering their deaths, or killing them personally, when he invades Earth to break the spirits of Scrooge and the rest of his allies, making them easier to finish them off.
  • He electrocutes Penumbra into submission by remotely activating a charge on her suit upon discovering she had freed Donald and was against his invasion, and it's very likely that he sentenced her to life imprisonment under false charges of treason before the invasion started.
  • In Moonvasion, he launches his invasion on Earth, during which he initially succeeds in enslaving the entire planet, and forces it into an orbit that will eventually cause the entire planet to freeze, making it uninhabitable.
  • Seconds before Mitzi showed up, he was about to kill Scrooge and possibly Glomgold too.
  • When his plan to conquer Earth is foiled, he furiously decides to ram his ship into the Earth with enough force to smash through to its core and destroy it out of spite (deciding that if Earth won’t live in fear of the Moon, they’ll die in fear of it instead), not caring that his own soldiers/people were on it, which would have resulted in the deaths of them, and of course, everyone else on it. This was something even Bradford Buzzard hated him for, if not for mostly the wrong reasons.
  • He traps Della and her family behind his ship's engine boosters, planning to incinerate and kill them all nice and slow.
  • There was a running gag where he would freak out when heard that the moon is not a planet. Despite this, he still maintains his ruthlessness and seriousness. It's not because he doesn't believe in it, it's because he was stubbornly prideful of it.
  • While Taurus Bulba attempted to remake the multiverse with fewer resources than Lunaris, the latter doesn't have the resources necessary to do so and is as heinous as he can be by trying to blow up the Earth. This makes him the quantity over Bulba's quality, making him stand out.


  • General Lunaris is the only Pure Evil DuckTales reboot villain to appear in multiple episodes, since Ponce de Leon and Taurus Bulba happen to be one-shot villains, as well as the only extraterrestrial one.
  • He is also the first Pure Evil villain in the show.

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