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Marian, don't you understand? We'll create outbreaks anywhere we want to. We can control where it goes. And when we're done, we'll kill the Kings. It'll wipe out the population, but leave all the infrastructure. It'll be like the neutron bomb I always dreamed of.
~ General John Hemlock in Overtime.

General John Hemlock is the main antagonist of Dead Rising 3, standing in as the official overseer of Los Perdidos during the zombie outbreak.

He also is working with Phenotrans to ensure that crucial zombie samples are collected and that all traces of their activities - as well as the zombies - will be eradicated in the ensuing firebombing. He intends to strategically cause further outbreaks across the entire country, which would allow him to create a constant state of martial law and effectively make him the de-facto dictator of the United States.

He was voiced by Robert Craighead.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Wanted to kill the president, vice president, and everyone else that tries to stand in his way to become president so he can start a plot to either infect or contaminate the area around other powerful leaders so he can overthrow them.
  • Ordered to firebomb Los Perdidos, saying that it needed to destroy organic life is spotted in the areas that are quarantined. However, his real plan is to kill any possible threats to their plan, regardless of them being real threats.
  • Planned with Marian Mallon to track down Nick Ramos and Diego Caplan.
  • Kidnapped president Sonya Paddoc and infected her with parasite, making her become a zombie.
  • Made a trap for Nick, Isabela and Annie, with Red who betrayed them.
  • Ordered to gather the King Zombies to create super weapons and conquer the world where he has full control over zombies.
  • Although he showed great loyalty and protection toward Marian Mallon, he murdered her due to failure of an attempt of fooling her about cure's existence and her unfair mistreatment, meaning that at the end of the game he only cared about her scientific and survival knowledge and nothing else.
  • Tried to murder Nick and even insults him.
  • He is the worst and most heinous villain to exist, while many other started outbreak (Carlito, Marian, T. K, Isabela) he had in plan to wipe everyone out and possibly rule the world with outbreaks, it doesn't help that his idea counts children to be killed as well.


  • He is one of three Pure Evils in Dead Rising series, alongside Marian Mallon and Albert Contiello.
  • He is the most destructive and dangerous Pure Evil in Dead Rising series, due to his plans were intended on the genocide of the entire humanity in the world, being ten times worse than both Marian and Albert.