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This country is a breeding ground for terrorists. I am here to bring law and order to this land and no terrorist thief will harm my country! I will protect Russia!
~ Barkov explains his goals as he interrogates and tortures Farah Karim.
No! WAIT! You and your brother- I know what you are...I've always known.
~ Barkov's last words.

General Roman Barkov (Russian: Роман Барков) is the main antagonist of the 2019 video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and a posthumous antagonist in the Verdansk storyline in the 2020 video game Call of Duty: Warzone.

He is a Russian military general who leads an army of loyal Russian soldiers and mercenaries to purge and control Urzikstan in order to "protect" his country, believing it to be a "breeding ground" for terrorists. His goals lead him into conflict with the U.S. military, C.I.A., S.A.S. and the U.L.F. He is the archenemy of Commander Farah Karim and her brother Hadir Karim.

He was voiced by Konstantin Lavysh in motion capture.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Oppressed the population of Urzikstan with the claim of "protecting "Russia from terrorism.
  • Produced and used chlorine gas on the people of Urzikstan. The gas killed all living things, including people, animals and vegetation.
  • Destroyed the innocence of Farah and Hadir Karim, as their mother was killed from an artillery bombing strike under his orders, while their father was killed on the same day as a soldier brutally murdered him in their house just before they both killed him.
  • Kidnapped Farah and Hadir as children, and imprisoned them for up to ten years of their life.
  • Tortured Farah in prison by taunting her over planning to kill Hadir, as well as starving, tasering, waterboarding, and holding another prisoner hostage to interrogate her.
  • Leaving prisoners, Hadir included, inside a furnace used to burn evidence of his crimes in Urzikstan.
  • Having anybody who was known to be part of the Urzikstan Liberation Force, a resistance army led by Farah, hanged by his soldiers.
  • He only cares about himself, he sees his allies more as pawns than actual people, showed no care if they died (which also includes J-12) where he simply used his troops to save his own skin.
  • Despite his claim that he was trying to rid the world of terrorists, his dispute is far-fetched given that he had his men kill any Urzik man, woman or child executed regardless if they had any connections to actual criminal militants. Therefore, his only genuine excuse isn't enough to justify his many crimes.

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