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Time to cut out the cancer.
~ Gabriel's most famous quote.

Gabriel is the main antagonist of the supernatural slasher film Malignant, and the parasitic twin of the films main protagonist, Maddison Mitchell.

He was portrayed by Marina Mazepa and voiced by Ray Chase. While possessing Madison Mitchell, he was portrayed by Annabelle Wallis and McKenna Grace.


Abandoned at birth due to their appearance, Maddison (born with the name Emily May) and Gabriel were left in the care of the Simion Research Hospital. Due to Gabriel's parasitic nature and violent tenancies, doctors were forced to remove most of Gabriel from Maddison's person. However, Gabriel and Maddison are conjoined at the brain, forcing doctors to remove as much of Gabriel as they could, and suppressing what was left of his brain and face into Maddison's skull.

The combination of the surgery and Maddie's new adopted family rendered Gabriel dormant, until a severe head injury over 20 years later caused him to reawaken in Maddison. Using her body like a puppet, Gabriel set a plan into motion to enact revenge on the doctors who operated on him and the mother who abandoned him.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • His tragic backstory and mitigating factors of being born as Madison’s parasitic twin, being abandoned by his own mother for it, being left to be raised at the hospital and then being surgically removed from his sister are subverted due to his own sadistic nature. Firstly even if he was born as a parasitic twin which caused him a great deal of internal pain, it doesn’t excuse the suffering he extends to his sister and other people throughout the story. Secondly, being abandoned by his mother is a solid reason and motive for resentment and hatred towards his mother, but he is far past it as those feelings are taken out on his sister and later attempting to kill his mother. His evil and sadistic nature is what forced Dr. Florence Weaver, John Gregory, and Victor Fields to perform a surgery in order to remove Gabriel from his sister, so it’s hypocritical of his part to feel victimized after everything he’s done. Cruel, manipulative and murderous, Gabriel is by his own admission a monster, and takes special delight in tormenting his host twin Maddison. His malevolent behavior led Maddison to nicknaming him as "the devil", an alias he took pride in.
  • Being a parasitic twin conjoined at the brain, Gabriel acts as a dark conscience to his twin sister Maddison. He would whisper to Maddie, compelling her to hurt others against her wishes. He tried to convince Maddie that her adopted family didn't love her, attempted to trick Maddie into killing her unborn sister, and would torment her with waking dreams and horrifying visions.
  • Fed on the fetuses of Maddison's body, causing her various miscarriages. This action led to many problems in Maddie's relationship as well as several traumas since she couldn't have a child.
  • Eventually, Gabriel learned how to take complete control over Maddison's body and enacted the crimes himself, forcing her to be an unwilling accomplish to various murders and assaults. Including the murder of her husband, former doctors, multiple police officers and kidnapping of their birth mother.
    • Although Derek deserved it for abusing Maddison, it was still a brutal murder.
  • When he took over Madison’s body he massacred several women whom she shared the prison cell with.
  • Even though it could be suggested that he had moral agency issues due to being born evil, he knows by his own volition and conscience that everything he has done is wrong and he could’ve been more sympathetic had he not gone as far as he did throughout the story but chooses to become more evil by his own choice and he would’ve been given a chance had he not committed the atrocious and heinous crimes he did. So by achieving a large kill count by brutal murder methods, slaughtering unborn blood-related infants (his nephews) for his own selfish purposes, taking glee in his crimes and proudly admitting to his evil status he is nothing but a complete monster. He’s gone far past it with his actions and even if he hesitated in killing his own mother at first, it is revealed that he would have still done so if given the chance.


  • Gabriel is the first Pure Evil from a James Wan film to be a parasitic twin.


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