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Finally, it is complete. Administering red flowers to a Mimiga causes it to fly into a violent rage... The reason for this, in fact, is quite simple. The flowers contain not only a substance to draw out one's latent powers, but also one to crush one's very faculties of reason. It is this that I have successfully extracted and concentrated. You can see it in the form of this Red Crystal. And unlike the flowers, this Crystal will affect humans as well. Ho-ho-hoh... It is wondrous! Do you understand the splendor of this? Do you?! I doubt you do! Then allow me to explain it... In a special lecture!!
~ The Doctor before his boss battle

Fuyuhiko Date, better known as simply The Doctor, is the main antagonist of Cave Story. He is the archenemy of Quote.

He is a malicious scientist who was originally part of a research team on the Island. However, upon obtaining the paranormal Demon Crown, he goes mad with power and plots to take over the world by mutating the native Mimigas with the Red Flowers.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He willingly allowed himself to go mad with power through the Demon Crown, against the research team's wishes.
  • He betrayed his research team, including almost dropping Momorin Sakamoto off the Island.
  • He kidnaped a multitude of Mimigas and mutated them with the Red Flowers, causing many to die in the process.
  • He plotted to take over the world with the Rabid Mimigas, and then enslave mankind by mutating them.
  • He mutated many young dragons on the Island into hostile zombies.
  • He had his subordinates force-feed the flowers to the young Toroko, rendering her rabid and ultimately forcing Quote to kill her.
  • He killed King, unempathetically noting how "fragile" his and Toroko's bodies are.
  • Upon becoming the Undead Core, he betrayed and mutated Misery and Sue, using her to fight Quote.
  • In the Bad Ending, he succeeded in his twisted plans and achieved world domination, forcing Quote and Kazuma to escape and hide in the mountains.

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