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Mortals are unnecessary, and more than that, unwelcome in my paradise.
~ Future Zamasu.

Future Zamasu is a major antagonist in the Dragon Ball Super anime series. He is the secondary antagonist of the Future Trunks saga. He was once a Supreme Kai from Universe 10 in Future Trunks' timeline. He was the apprentice to Gowasu until he joined forces with his original counterpart, Goku Black, to complete his "Zero Mortals Plan".

He is voiced by Shin-ichiro Miki in Japanese, and James Marsters in English.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Like his original counterpart, Goku Black, Future Zamasu believes that mortals are too dangerous to live and should be exterminated.
  • When Goku Black murdered Future Gowasu, Future Zamasu briefly expressed shock and horror but quickly got over it when he revealed he had seen Gowasu as an obstacle to his efforts towards wiping out all mortals and Goku Black pointed out he was planning to kill him eventually anyways. He gleefully joined Goku Black in his Zero Mortal Plan.
  • He went on to slaughter countless mortals and destroy numerous planets alongside Goku Black, killing the humans who survived the Red Ribbon Android onslaught.
  • Along with Goku Black, he destroyed the Super Dragon Balls so that there would be no way to reverse their actions.
  • He refused Gowasu's offer of redemption and tried, alongside Goku Black, to kill him and the Universe 7 Supreme Kai, Shin.
  • He severely injured and nearly killed Bulma.
  • Along with Goku Black, he tortured Goku before taunting him about how he killed Chi-Chi and Goten for no other reason other than to hurt him for their own amusement.
  • He merges with Goku Black to become Fused Zamasu. As Fused Zamasu, he proceeds to cause more catastrophe on Earth.
  • After Fused Zamasu's body is destroyed, his soul survives through his sheer hatred of mortals and proceeds to spread across the multiverse, killing every last mortal in Future Trunks' timeline before trying to invade the present timeline multiverse as well. This continues until he and the entire timeline are erased from existence by Future Zeno.
  • While he does have a villainous friendship with Goku Black, it only highlights how narcissistic he is, considering Goku Black is the exact same person as him, even if from a different timeline.
  • Despite claiming to be well-intentioned, he is a delusional hypocrite who is much worse than any of the mortals he despised and wants to recreate the universe in his image.
  • Unlike Frieza (who was raised to be a tyrant and came from a family of genocidal terrorists) and Cell and Super Buu (who were created to be evil before gaining their own moral agency), Zamasu was a Supreme Kai, who are supposed to be benevolent and watch over the universe but instead he became evil simply because he hypocritically thought mortals were evil and too dangerous to live.


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