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Oh, to see the Dragon Balls turn to stone at the very moment your wish might have come true. Quite a pill to swallow, eh, Vegeta? Of course, even more so for myself. As a matter of fact, in all my years, I have never been so angry as I am now. How incredibly irritating not to have seen the writing on the wall... now you pay! You vile, filth-sucking maggots! You will rue the day you crossed my path! Prepare yourself to face oblivion!
~ Frieza swearing vengeance upon his enemies.
Simian bastard... I am Lord Frieza. None surpass me! No one even comes close! Etch this into your skull; I am emperor of the universe! The likes of you are only fit to grovel at my feet! Or better still... to die in disgrace AT THE HANDS OF YOUR MASTER!
~ Frieza after his first defeat.

Frieza is the main antagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise. He is the self-proclaimed "Emperor of the Universe" whose goal is to conquer the universe and achieve immortality. He is a powerful tyrant who was responsible for the destruction of Planet Vegeta and is the archenemy of the main protagonist, Son Goku.

He is voiced by Ryūsei Nakao in Japanese (whom also voiced Caesar Clown), and the late Christopher Ayres in the English version.


Frieza is shown to have an extremely cruel and sadistic streak. He takes pleasure in seeing those that are below him in physical power suffer, and is merciless to them. Frieza is known to be very arrogant and thinks that he is the strongest being in the universe. He looks down on other species in the universe, especially the Saiyans, and would make disparaging remarks about them. When fighting others, he is shown to be vicious by torturing his opponents and mocking them throughout the battle. While fighting against Goku, Frieza expressed fear when he fought against someone that could match his level of power. However when Goku chose to spare his life, Frieza repays his generosity by attempting to kill him during the battle, showing that he is not willing to put aside the conflict. Since his battle with Goku, Frieza harbored contempt for the former for beating him in battle, and would go out of his way to want to kill him and destroy the Earth to get back at him.

When he was resurrected, he is shown to still be as sadistic as he was before, and more dedicated to wanting to get vengeance on Goku and the Z fighters. Frieza is shown to have no care for his minions, shown by how he would attack and murder them during the invasion of Earth. Before the Tournament of Power, Frieza attempts to make a deal with Universe 9 and openly express apathy over the idea that his home universe could be erased from existence. During the tournament, he was willing to work alongside his enemies to fight for Universe 7 staying in existence but still did not show any care for his enemies as comrades. When Whis revived him, Frieza was happy but admits that he will go back to doing what he did before showing no change in his character during the tournament. Frieza shows that he is only interested in himself and his own powers.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Frieza could have chosen to use his wealth and power to make galaxies wonderful, but he chose to make them horrible instead.
  • He runs an organization that wipes out entire species and sells their planets for profit. This places his body count high above those of most other villains in the Dragon Ball franchise (this is also accounting for all of the deaths he ordered), as well as makes him extremely heinous, even by the high standards of this particular series, to the extent that he can be considered one of the villains who sets it altogether. Even many villains that followed him weren't responsible for nearly as much universe-wide death, destruction and oppression.
  • Being the mastermind behind the destruction of Planet Vegeta and the genocide of the Saiyan race. This sets him apart from other villains, as he was responsible for destroying the world Goku and Vegeta originated from as well as the deaths of their parents.
    • In the process of destroying Planet Vegeta, Frieza killed hundreds of his own men with no hesitation, even after being reminded by Zarbon that they were within the planet's range (in the Japanese version only; the dialogue was changed in the English version, where Zarbon instead questions why Frieza was leaving the ship, only to be lashed out at).
    • Immediately after destroying Planet Vegeta, Frieza laughed with psychotic glee, describing the explosion as a "great show".
  • Was one of the individuals responsible for the destruction of Planet Cereal and the near extinction of the Cerelian race, which led Granolah to seek revenge against Frieza and the Saiyans who attacked his planet.
  • Murders Dende, who was a child at the time, to prevent his healing powers from being used any further.
  • Terrorizing the inhabitants of Planet Namek whilst searching for their Dragon Balls. During his time on the planet, he was responsible for killing most of the planet's population. Worse, despite making a deal with one of the Elders that he would spare his village, he had his men kill them anyway. This includes Cargo, whom he killed personally in the manga.
  • While fighting his enemies, Frieza prefers to prolong their pain by brutally torturing them, as seen with Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan and Goku. He also tortured Krillin after impaling him in his second form.
  • Frieza fired a Death Ray into Vegeta when he was encouraging Goku to defeat Frieza. Although he meant to shut him up and accidentally killed him, Frieza couldn't care less and laughed at his death.
  • After he survived the Spirit Bomb, Frieza decides to mentally torture Goku by mortally wounding Piccolo before blowing up Krillin and threatening to do the same to Gohan.
  • Frieza, under frustration of Goku overpowering him, decided to blow up Planet Namek in order to starve Goku and his friends out of air. He is shown to be a hypocrite as it's revealed Frieza panicked at the destruction killing him as well and botched up the attack.
  • When Goku ends the fight after seeing Frieza's power drop, he attempts to kill him using his Death Saucers, which inadvertently got him sliced in half. Then, even after Goku chose to show Frieza mercy and gives him energy, Frieza cowardly attempts to kill him with a surprise energy blast.
  • After detecting Goku coming to Earth, Frieza decided to beat him to it first, and then ordered his army to mercilessly kill all their inhabitants , while Frieza decides to personally kill Goku's friends and family.
  • Tried to kill the new arrival (Trunks) multiple times to solidify his strength, despite Trunks warning him and his army to leave the planet intact.
  • Tries to destroy Earth with an attack 10 times stronger than the one he used to destroy Namek, despite his father still being on the planet. He would have gone through with it hadn't Trunks diverted his attack.
  • Had no interest in reviving his father with the Dragon Balls, hypocritically stating that he was bloated with self-importance and demonstrating he held no love for King Cold whatsoever.
  • When Tagoma suggests Frieza ignore getting revenge on the Saiyans due to their superior strength and instead focus on strengthening his empire, kills him in the film and brutally tortures him in the anime.
  • Corrupts Tagoma, turning him from an honorable warrior who respected his superiors into a ruthless, sadistic monster like himself who was willing to sacrifice his comrades to kill his enemies.
  • Tortures Gohan due to him sparing Tagoma (reminding him of the time he was spared by Goku), showing him to be utterly ungrateful to him.
    • Killed Piccolo due to him intervening in Gohan's torture.
  • Coldly brushes off the deaths of even his most loyal soldiers such as Tagoma and Ginyu.
  • He has Sorbet shoot Goku with a fatal laser when the Saiyan offers him a chance to leave with his life, then proceeds to torture him.
  • Cowardly attempts to destroy the Earth when he was cornered by Vegeta and would've succeeded in both the destruction of Earth and Vegeta had Whis not rewinded time.
  • Regularly killing his subordinates as seen in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' and Dragon Ball Super. Despite their loyalty to him, Frieza killed almost all of his men during the invasion of Earth when they lost to the Z-Fighters. Even after he started treating them better, he still killed one for calling him "short".
  • Immediately betraying Goku after being revived. Afterwards, he attempts to make a deal with Universe 9 in case Universe 7 does not win the tournament. While talking to the Gods of Universe 9, he does not express any care for Universe 7 or anyone in the universe he is from if it is wiped from existence.
  • During the Tournament of Power, he mercilessly tortures several of the fighters from other Universes, sometimes leaving them on the brink of death, as shown with Jimizu.
  • During Toppo's beam struggle with Android 17, Frieza appears behind Toppo, attacking with a barrage of Death Beams while sadistically laughing. While he did save 17 from elimination, he primarily did so just to torture Top.
  • Even after helping Goku and Team Universe 7 win the Tournament of Power, he immediately reverted back to his old ways, as shown when he murdered Broly's father, Paragus, in order to have Broly unlock his "Legendary Super Saiyan" form and kill Goku and Vegeta for him. He then tries to murder Cheelai and Lemo after they betray him and use the Dragon Balls to save Broly from being killed by Gogeta.
  • Frieza shows no interest in stopping Moro and the rest of the criminals who broke out of the Galactic Patrol Prison, and when Kikono questions this by stating they are criminals too, Frieza replies that they overtake planets to sell to other races who are in need of new planets, so they're merely businessmen, demonstrating a massive sense of delusion and hypocrisy.


  • Frieza has one possible mitigating factor that could prevent him from being Pure Evil: it's shown he has some fondness for his childhood nanny Berryblue and respects her enough to let her reveal his insecurities to other members of the Frieza Force, something he would immediately vaporize any lesser minion for, implying Frieza could have some care for Berryblue since she's the closest thing he has to a mother. However, since he was shown willing to betray Universe 7 and have all of its inhabitants killed, including her, it's unclear if Frieza actually cares for her or just has some mild degree of fondness towards her at most.

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