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People scare better when they're dying.
~ Frank

Frank is the main antagonist of Sergio Leone's 1968 epic Spaghetti Western film Once Upon a Time in the West. He is a ruthless, selfish, and sadistic mercenary who was hired by the railroad tycoon Morton to manipulate McBain into moving off the land, but he killed him and his family instead, and has only one goal; kill Harmonica and Cheyenne.

He was portrayed by the late Henry Fonda.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Before the events of the movie, Frank had a man stand on top of his younger brother's shoulders while he had a rope tied around his neck, and then put a harmonica in the younger brother's mouth and forced him to play it while he and his gang sadistically watched. The younger brother would eventually collapse and fall to the ground while the older brother would be hanged. Later, the youngest would call himself Harmonica later in life, keeping the harmonica that Frank put in his mouth.
  • In his first appearance, he and his men murdered almost the entire McBain family (except for Jill, who was not at the scene), including the youngest son, even though Morton had hired him to scare them, not kill them. Frank then frames the bandit Cheyenne for this.
  • He murdered one of his men after Harmonica found them, angry that he thought Harmonica had found them thanks to him.
  • He betrays Morton before he can make his peace with Jill over the death of his family and plans to kill him later to take over his railroad business.
  • He threatens to kill Jill if she doesn't have sexual intercourse with him.
  • He sends his men to the McBain farm auction to keep the bidders quiet.
  • He doesn't mind at all seeing his men killed by Cheyenne, and he considered shooting the wounded Morton, but decided not to as Morton was going to die anyway.
  • Try to kill Harmonica to get rid of all his troubles.

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